Seeker (25 Sep 2017)
""Ye shall know them by their fruits" Matthew 7:16"

John and Doves,

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

At the Presidential Inauguration in January of this year, we all saw --by his choice of speakers--how ardently Mr. Trump supports Evangelists and Christian Conservativism.... or does he ?

In other words, 'Don't believe everything you hear', or see.
Photo opps are photo opps.

We are warned by Jesus:
 " let no man deceive you" (Matthew 24:4) 
and we are to "Prove all things " ( 1 Thessalonians 5:21 ).

Coming to our Living Rooms Soon 

On Saturday night ( October 7th ...  at 7 pm-8pm) on Trinity Broadcasting Company (TBN), politician Mike Huckabee will be hosting a talk-show with President Trump as his guest on opening night.
( Both appear as "religious" politicians ....think Jimmy Carter)

Now we are all aware that  TBN is a religious channel. Why would 2 politicians --voted by the public at large--be
on a specialized media outlet ? What fellowship hath politics with religion ?
Does not our Constitution forbid the collusion of State with Religion ( separation of church FROM government ?) Yes.

Does not our common sense warn us that whenever religion and politics get together, one becomes the dominant controlling factor ?

Mr. Trump invited high-profile religious figures at his Inauguration to underscore his alliance with the evangelical community etc.

Compromise is the Mother of many Alliances

A few weeks ago Mr. Trump asked that FEMA funds( Federal Emergency Management Agency) be made available for  churches.
While the excuse was Hurricane Harvey ( a much needed charity) we have all lived long enough to know that the Exception soon becomes the Rule...that government will decide how, where and why those funds should be spent.
He who has the gold makes the rules.

Wasn't Faith-Based funding ( G. W. Bush 2001) an example of how ministries were funded by government who then dictated to religious organizations just who they could hire ....whether like-minded or not ??
It's all about Control.

Strange Indeed

Next Tuesday, September 26th, the State of Alabama will elect a Senator to replace Jeff Sessions who became the Attorney General for President Trump.

One of the contenders is Judge Roy Moore, famous for his stand on upholding the 10 Commandments plaque at the Supreme Court in Alabama. Judge Roy Moore has an impeccable reputation for upholding the morals of that plaque.

Now wouldn't you suppose that Mr. Trump would be backing Judge Moore to the hilt ? But no, he and Majority leader Mitch McConnell are backing by $$$ millions ( both well heeled ) the opponent, Luther Strange.
( strange  indeed).

One thing for sure---whether Justice Moore wins or not--he has won in what really counts...flushing out the true colors of Mr. Trump.
"What I say to you, I say to all, Watch.  Mark 13:37