Lewis Brackett (25 Sep 2017)
"New book by Jan Markel"

“”Blessed hope or blasted hope,,,the attack on Bible prophecy””

I just Love Jan’s ministry  😊



Hear a prominent apologist call prophecy lovers "speculators who obsess about end-times even though their predictions constantly fail. " He adds, "This does not extinguish their anticipation."

Hear the quotes of religious Left spokesmen Brian McLaren and Jim Wallis who distort the truth on this topic. (video clip)

Learn how Wheaton College's Gary Burge is distorting the truths that help us understand the last days, not just to his students, but around the world.

Learn about the decline in the teaching of Dispensationalism which teaches a literal gospel and last days agenda. At the same time, learn of the prominence of Amillenialism and the rise of Kingdom Now/Dominionism, Replacement Theology, and Preterism.

Hear one Dispensational scholar state, "The next generation of ministry leaders, at best, sees no value in studying future prophecy, and at worst, views it with disfavor and something to be avoided entirely." He concludes that the days are gone when to be an evangelical Christian was synonymous with being pro-prophecy and pro-Israel. Get an overview of how this happened.