Lewis Brackett (25 Sep 2017)
"The Jews request a sign"

 In the last several years there have been awesome signs in the heavens telling everyone watching that the Messianic age in upon us… However, none of these signs tell us exactly when that age will begin… I must contend that these signs are to the Jew telling them that their Messianic Kingdom is Imminent…

In light of these signs, we also know  that Jesus coming for the rapture is even more imminent!!!  Think about how when you start seeing Christmas stuff in stores, we know that Thanksgiving will shortly be here!!!

Since we see these signs to the Jew in the heavens, We know that our Blessed Lord Jesus’s coming for us is Very Very soon 😊

While we wont know exactly When He will come, as in Revelation 3 vs 3, we who are watching will not be surprised to see him come for us in the Rapture… These awesome signs in both heavens and Earth show we will shortly be gathered to Him…

I also suggest you look up the vision of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel



Lewis B