Lauren (25 Sep 2017)
""Onlookers Mystified" - Ocean disappears once again from Brazil coast"

This event and the previous drying up the coastlands of the Earth the past two months is very interesting, while the moon does creates tides, this phenomenon IMHO could be caused by magnetic confluences of Nibiru with its seven moons approaching Earth’s North Pole as perpendicular attraction? 
When you have a perpendicular offset from the moon, as Nibiru and its moons gets closer to the pole it would start to counter the moon to the point of no tide, and then the extreme opposite, giant tsunamis. Remember Nibiru was known in Sumerian lore as the “planet of the crossing”.
The earth is wobbling from the presence of Nibiru making its way up over the ecliptic plain from the South. As it approaches, its magnetic pull will move the earth and water in ways never witnessed since the first Exodus out of Egypt, Exodus 14:21-22. Didn’t that sea ‘dry up”?
There is a slight pole shift happening that according to Isaiah 24 is about to escalate at the end of this “vintage harvest” grape and olive season, Isaiah 24:13-23.  And let's not forget God's judgment happened while “peace and safety” was being proclaimed at the UN last week. All of these "weather anomalies" are written with Jeremiah 4-6 calling it “a wind too strong” as earthquakes, and roaring sea waters destroy places or dry them up as armies come from the north.
As the group Chicago sang in the late 60’s, ‘Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is’  You know what, its time to care! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and REPENT the Kingdom of God and the authority of His Messiah is at hand, your Ezekiel 33:6 watching one