Jean Stepnoski (25 Sep 2017)
"Yom Kippur 2017 to Yom Kippur 2024"


   My thanks, as always to Daniel Matson for his invaluable research and spiritual connecting of dots, for discerning divine patterns in time. Your insights into Christ returning on The Second Coming on Sabbath Yom Kippur in 2024 and the Jubilee Year beginning are amazing! Let us look to 3 possibly distinctive Yom Kippur dates. These comprise a 3 fold theory which may prove to be beautifully correct.
   I agree with you, Daniel, that the Messiah returned to the Nazareth Synagogue on a true Sabbath and Yom Kippur. I consider this to be Day 1 of 3 of The Joy of His Appearing, at the start of His public ministry. He fulfilled the Sign of Jonah at Ninevah on that Yom Kippur which He gave Nazareth, Israel, and the World. Later, with His Death and Resurrection, He fulfilled the 3 Day Sign of Jonah. It was dual fulfillment: 40 Days then 3 Days. Day 3 Yom Kippur Sabbath will occur in 2024 with The Second Coming. The man who is the Last Great Sacrifice in Blood shall appear in wrath. Why not a Yom Kippur fulfillment in between Days 1 and 3? A Day 2?
Yom Kippur was promised by the prophet Zechariah to be a day of joy and rejoicing. Might this be accomplished incrementally, in 3 momentous days of Yom Kippur? Not just once? The public revealing of The Joy of His Appearing in 3 phases of 3 different days of Yom Kippur: Day 1 at the Nazareth Synagogue where He learned to be The Living Torah over decades of obedient worship, study, and teaching. Then Day 2 with The Blessed Hope for each who seeks refuge and repentance in His atoning perfectly righteous body and BLOOD. Finally, Day 3 with The Second Coming.
   We misunderstand the Last Trump. It is not a shofar sound blown on Yom Teruah only. When is the Last? It is The Great Trump, the final trump of The Days of Awe and the 40 Days of Jonah at Ninevah. (Of Repentance and Teshuvah.) This is blown just before sunset ends Yom Kippur, in each of the 24 time zones as they go to sundown. The NAMES have been SEALED in The Book of Life as Heaven's Gates symbolically CLOSE. Please see my post of 9-3 to reflect on major themes of Yom Kippur.
   We err when we see the Feasts of the Lord 5 and 6 as separate. And unconnected. They comprise 2 MAJOR SPIRITUAL CONTINUUMS from Elul 1 to Tishri 10 and Tishri 1 to 10 (The Days of Awe). Yom Kippur completes The Feast of Trumpets! It is like a 2 in 1! In The Scriptures, the counts of 40 are NEVER cut short, not fulfilled. The 40 is a big deal.
   One of the reasons for blowing shofars on Yom Teruah is to rejoice in the arrival of a Great King. Todd D. Bennett believes that was the Messiah's birthday. In the Gospels we read of a delay from when the best man, the herald, blows the shofar until the groom arrives. "Behold the bridegroom comes." A DELAY exists until the bridegroom appears suddenly to spirit away the bride. Might we have a 10 day delay from The Last Trump of Yom Teruah until The Great Trump on Yom Kippur 2017 at the last time zone?
   I have cautioned dear Doves not to lose hope if WE MUST REMAIN TO EXPERIENCE THE 40 DAY SIGN OF JONAH. The Messiah fulfilled it on Yom Kippur at Nazareth. Why not us? The 40 is NEVER cut short in The Scriptures. Integral. When will the final days of preparation be for the family, the Bride of Christ in 2017? I look to Yom Kippur from 9-30 to 10-1 and 10-1 to 2 (far back on the 24 hour grid) on The Torah Calendar. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,