Gary Rich (25 Sep 2017)
"Are you in the desert wilderness ?"

Are you right now walking in that desert wilderness of the unknown, not knowing what lies over the next hill ? Not quite sure what the dawn of each new day will bring ? There is one rock solid promise that you can hold onto while your in the wilderness. That our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ is still in control and has a plan for your life
You may not know what that plan is, but He does. Your job is just to trust Him. Our God is faithful and will not let you down. Yes He may let you spend some time in the desert wilderness for reasons that you may never understand.But while your in the desert , I have a suggestion for you to consider. Look past yourself, your problems, your own circumstances. Use your time in the desert to help someone else, do acts of kindness to others in need, and watch God use you in the desert in amazing ways
If you have to spend time in the desert, don't drink the sand. Continue to be faithful to Jesus Christ where-ever you are in your life journey. With God's grace you will be able to step outside the desert box and bring the love & grace that only Jesus can offer to hurting people that God will put in your paths
Remember - God will be faithful to you in the desert , all He is asking is that you do the same for Him. And know this - one day your journey in the desert will come to an end . You will see the sun rise in your life again. I know this because Jesus promised that He would never leave you nor forsake you. That His plans for you are wonderful and good . So put a big smile on your face , keep trusting in your Lord , and He will bring you out of the desert !
have a blessed day,   Gary