Fay (25 Sep 2017)
"Top 10 Prophetic Signs"

Brilliant article from Breaking Israel News. I was particularly taken with Number 4 on the list! The whole thing really got me thinking about President Trump's winning of the USA election. It's true that pretty much the whole world was gob smacked when he won. Massively gob smacked. The political left are still dragging their jaws around in disbelief. Hahaha. Evidence is now coming to light that the demoncrats used every trick in the book to ensure themselves a win. They still don't get that Almighty God is in charge. No matter what hoops they jump through - umpteen rabbits out of hats -  smoke and mirrors - illusions on steroids...... God is in control. BOOM !

BIN's Top 10 Messiah Stories of 5777