Fay (25 Sep 2017)
"JD Farag - For our Time"

Outstanding prophecy update. JD touches on the Sept 23rd sign and everything he says is what I have been feeling. That the Rev 12 sign was a huge marker to the awakened church. God does NOT condemn those who are excited for our LORD Jesus' return. After all - there's a special crown awaiting those who yearn and groan for His return. Without His excited ones, the church would be on life support - in it's dying days. The Rev 12 researchers have awakened the church like no other time since I've been watching. Let's all band together and be a team. Unified in our belief that our LORD is coming. Coming to rescue His church and put right the wrongs. Eradicate evil and bring an end to this stressful system. Because it is stressful. The more we learn - grow and mature in the Holy Spirit, the more our tolerance for this world diminishes. Spiritual maturity means spiritual eyes opened. Once opened, the whole decaying, dysfunctional mess is laid bare. And it is UGLY. As a future bride, engaged and committed to my LORD Jesus. Engaged and committed to loving and serving God Almighty - I expect and pray for our soon departure. Yearning to love and worship my LORD and God in spiritual truth - free of my sinful body. Free from this world system. Free from evil.

We beg you LORD. Bring an end to this, please. We need you. We're human and have little strength - next to zero tolerance for the disgusting things that we are now being exposed to. Please LORD Jesus. Maranatha.

Mid-East Prophecy Update September 24th, 2017