Fay (25 Sep 2017)
"Staying Shtum"


The plethora of main stream Christian websites who have come out today, smugly saying how date setting has always been a no-no etc., and how truly wonderful they have been for not joining in the general melee. Aaaaargh........is my reply. Too little too late. They sat on the sidelines and waited it out.......... fence sitting at it's finest. At least the people who spent exhaustive hours researching and expounding on the topic, were honest. They TRULY believed in what they had discovered. And, it is all still true. The alignment happened. The Revelation 12 people had the courage to put it out there. Laying their heads on the block. They didn't make it up to get attention......... the alignment was there. Plain and simple. It's a lesson for all of us ........... Almighty God's timing is His alone. However, it is my profound belief that the courageous Revelation 12 people have a very special crown waiting for them. They alerted us to a VERY obvious sign from God. They were used, by God, to give us a giant heads up. Otherwise - the hype would not have happened and we would have all missed a very important sign post.

Take courage - accept the knocks. Understand that the world is predicted to mock us Bible believing Christians. This has been a massive learning curve.

We are in the season. There is no denying.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.