Fay (25 Sep 2017)
"Innocents Abroad"

Great book by Mark Twain. Describing Israel (Palestine..... *phtu*) on his travels. This retelling is for a time such as ours. ONLY when the Jewish people returned, did Israel start to flourish. Just as scripture predicted. A final 70 years was given to Israel to make good. Put right the wrongs. Seal up prophecy etc. The land has flourished and Israel is hugely prosperous. Although Israel has it's constant irritations (talk about having a thorn in your side !!) they live pretty darn well. Their standard of living is so much higher than their neighbours. AND - all that without oil, thus far. But, the time limit is almost at the end. Israel has not returned to Almighty God as He requires. Therefore, evil is allowed to run rampant throughout the world. When our LORD does spring into action........ the Rapture and the final years of Great Tribulation, people are going to have to wake up and smell the brimstone. Taste the bitter waters. Faint with fear.

Don't get me wrong. Almighty God loves Israel dearly. He is a very jealous God and demands faithfulness, loyalty and love. And, He has told us, in His word, that fear of Him is the beginning of wisdom. He created everything. We belong to Him. He wants only the best for all of us but we have to use our free will. If Almighty God has to bring tribulation in order to draw His children to Him, then He will do it. Evil must not be tolerated for much longer.

150 Years Since Mark Twain’s Prophetic Israel Revelation in ‘Innocents Abroad’