Fay (25 Sep 2017)
"Wonderful Message"

This is a short video clip. 2 minutes 55 seconds. Don't be put off by the title. An incredible astronomical line-up took place in the heavens and it is still aligned today, September 24th. I think it's disgusting, the bashing that the Revelation 12 proponents are receiving on You Tube today. Most unchristian. These watchmen found something incredible and ran with it. Wildly blowing the trumpet to awaken people. Sure, it has caused a huge deflation that the Rapture didn't occur. But it also got a LOT of people sitting up and taking notice. If certain people "fall away" because of human's misunderstanding the Rev 12 sign, then so be it. WE ARE IN THE SEASON ! 

You fell for it! Truth in plain sight! September 23 2017 Must Watch!