Fay (25 Sep 2017)
"Doom and Gloom"


Hi John and Doves,

It's just after 8.30 am here in the UK. Sadly, we are still here. But there is no denying we are in the season. I'm not as gutted as I thought I would be. Strange - considering how much store we all put into the Rev 12 sign. I believe this is because we are undeniably in The Season. This world has gone to hell in a hand basket. The attack upon humans has revved up to unacceptable levels - particularly the attacks on our children. Our youth. I do not believe our beloved LORD will tarry for much longer. What has happened over this Rev 12 sign was all predicted in the Bible. Matthew 25 relays this. Perhaps this episode, in our Christian walk, will kick start the falling away? People just plain fed up with the hype and excitement, losing their faith? Well.......... this will sure separate the goats from the sheep. If something like this can cause a person to lose faith, it's clear they didn't have the depth of faith the Holy Spirit guarantees.

We are in the season. It's ramping up. All the signs are pointing to a major catastrophe for the world. World war is on the horizon - earthquakes in diverse places - signs in the sun, moon and stars. We are in the season. It's vital we stay alert and lean on our LORD for wisdom and strength.

He knows what He's doing.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.