Fay (25 Sep 2017)
"Sukkot 2017"

Here I sit........ 10 am (UK time) on September 23rd. Fizzing and bubbling like a champagne bottle that's been shaken - the cork about to explode off! I'm sure you are all in the same state as I write.Even if you are currently asleep (America). Your dreams will be full of anticipation. We've had earthquakes in diverse places and the sea and waves are roaring (hurricanes). Watching the video clip below, a very strong thought came to me. The blood moons! Passover - Tabernacles - Passover - Tabernacles. If this is printed on Sunday September 24th and we are here to read it, I believe that Sukkot (Tabernacles) is going to be stupendous. The reasons being clear re the signs of the blood moons. The other reason is because of my conviction that the millions of people who appear in heaven, in Revelation 7:9 are the raptured church. And they are holding palm branches in their hands. What do the Jewish people use to build their booths on Sukkot? Palm branches! Reading the whole of Revelation 7 ( link below ), there are words that bring the current hurricanes to mind. Revelation 1 sees four angels, standing in the four corners of the earth and holding back the four winds (the calm before the storm, perhaps?) and the fifth angel from the East is shouting to the four angels, who have the power to harm the land and the sea, to hold off until the 144,000 are sealed. That fifth angel from the East, has the seal of the living God. This angel is the one who will do the sealing of the 144,000. Once that is done, the great multitude appear in heaven.

If we are still here and reading this post, I am convinced that Sukkot (Tabernacles) is an incredibly high watch date. This year of 2017, Sukkot begins at sundown on October 4th and ends at sundown on October 11th. If I am right, we are going to see some pretty hair raising stuff between now and then. There will be an eerie silence in the midst of the hurricanes and earthquakes that will be happening (when the fifth angel is sealing the 144,000) and then mayhem will break loose. In the video clip, the Pastor talks about (and shows) the threatening "thing" that is on google sky, located in front of Virgo's legs. It has been partially blacked out by google but you can still see it! Perhaps "the child" who is caught up to heaven in Revelation 12, is LORD Jesus taking up His throne (don't forget, Jesus is alive - not dead. And He is in human form. Flesh and blood. Immortal. Just as we will be when we are raptured) and opening up the Books.

I urge you to watch the video clip. It is really, really good. I also urge you to read Revelation 7 in it's entirety, trying to see it from the angle that I am seeing it. You may disagree and I may be wrong, but I felt compelled to write this. If this all pans out, Passover 2018 is going to be momentous for the nation of Israel. The Jewish people. And for the people left behind.

John 14:1......... Jesus tells us not to let our hearts be troubled. Let's try not to fear, brothers and sisters.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.


Bible Gateway passage: Revelation 7 - New International Version