Anon (25 Sep 2017)
"Hi Readers"

Hi Readers,

In light of no events having happened on the Feast of Trumpets or night of the Revelation 12 sign, I would like to present these ideas and see how you all feel about them.

Let's assume that the jubilee this year is from Sep 2017 to Sep 2018, and that it's the 120th and final one of earth's history. In that case, think about the following....

First, 120 full jubilees may need to be completed. Yeshua might return at the end of the jubilee, not the start of it.

Second, what if all the current prophetic signs (blood moons, Great Pyramid alignments, 120/70/50/40-year generations connecting Israel's history with 2017, the Revelation 12 sign) were all meant to highlight the beginning of the final jubilee.

Third, consider that the Feast of Trumpet (using the first visible crescent of the new moon) in 2018 falls on Sep 11, which theoretically is also the birth date of Yehsua.

Fourth, on the night of 9/11/18, the mazzaroth over the sky in Israel will show the constellation of Hercules (Yeshua) crushing the head of Draco (Satan). Other constellations featured will be both Ursas (which I've read represent Yeshua's flock) and a king and queen figures which I  can't recall the name of (representing Yeshua and the church as a bride)

-- Fifth, what if the term "Day of the Lord" refers to the 120th and final Jubilee year. --

I would like to see everyone's feedback on these thoughts. I will be posting this on other eschatology forums as feel and see if anyone can garner more insight into this.

Thank yo for reading.