TH (25 Sep 2016)


A lot of mis-conception about Prayer and Healing.  Prayer is Communicating with
the LORD (thru the Holy Spirit in dwelt)  and  Healing is invoking the Power given
to those who have the (Holy Spirit in dwelt). It is commonly believed that when we
Pray, we are asking something of the LORD, whereas Healing is using the Authority
to "Speak" directly to whatever the Problem is.  JESUS gave this Authority to ALL
who are TRUELY HIS.  This "Speaking" HAS to be done in FAITH however. With enough
FAITH, we are told by HIM, that we can move Mountains.  JESUS told us this directly.
If we analyze the example of the non-producing Fig Tree, we see that JESUS spoke
DIRECTLY to the Tree, Commanding it to Die.  HE didn't ask HIS FATHER to kill the
Tree, HE Commanded it HIMSELF.  HE then Stated that WE would be given the same
Authority. (using HIS NAME)  IF we have enough FAITH, which the in dwelt Holy Spirit
gives us...IF we have endeavored to GROW it to the degree of Absolute Confidence,
we can "Speak" to the Problem and have the Authority over the Problem whatever it
is.  What a Gift !  We just have to come to the realization of what we can possess if
we Exercise what HE has given us. GOD does NOT want HIS CHILDREN to Suffer.
HE wants them to be Joyful !  Hurting people aren't Joyful.  So HE has given us the
means to be Joyful thru HIS SON, our JESUS.  GOD does NOT make idle promises.
HE means what HE SAYS.  We, each of us that are in dwelt and have a "Speaking"
Relationship with the LORD, can use that same "Speaking" to SPEAK DIRECTLY to
the Problem. Thus using the same "Speaking" we use to TALK to the LORD, TALK
to the Problem and have Authority over it. JESUS TOLD US THIS !  satan has done
his best to confuse those who do not have the TRUTH of the HOLY SPIRIT in them.
satan delights in the afflictions of man and tries to confuse man by masking the
Authority that comes from a Relationship with JESUS.  his job is easier without the
H.S. giving TRUTH to any of his victims.  Having a "Speaking" Relationship with our
SAVIOR, is Critical to Living a Full and Happy Life.  Do YOU HEAR HIM ?

                                 MARANATHA !

                                          T H