Jovial (18 Sep 2016)
"Will the Market crash or change for the better? "

Earlier, Frank raised the issue of maybe we are on the verge of the Messiah's return, but maybe the next president will usher in a new era of prosperity for a few years before that happens.  I don't know the answer to that , but we will find out.

HOWEVER, there has also been speculation that the banksters and power elite are trying to crash the US Economy to bring in a one world government.  But they could end up doing something to cause themselves to lose control of the economy too.  If cash were to fail, people might simply turn to bartering and then cash would not be needed and the government would lose control over the public since they would no longer control the medium of exchange.  If the dollar were to fail, the public might decide that the government itself is the problem and turn to a private currency like bitcoins, or something new.

In short, God is still in control, and the end won't come before He wants it to.  The powers behind the scenes might only mess up their own efforts if they try to bring it about before God wants it to come.  He can undo any scheme they set and he could use an economic failure to take control of the economy away from them if He wants to.  Why would He want to?  So that when they do take over the world, it won't be as deceptive.  The power elite have been trying to take over the world through slow incremental and unnoticed steps.  But maybe God wants the takeover of the Beast to be obvious and clear and not incrementally deceptive at all so that the public will make a clear choice instead of a decieved one.  God might need to yank control of things away from the banksters for a while before he lets the Beast take it over.

Of course, perhaps this is God's timing, and we should be as ready for it as possible. Staying out of debt, saving, having a garden and canned good and assets you can barter with are smart precautions to take. Be ready for the worst, hope for the best.