Jovial (18 Sep 2016)
"The 7 Cities PROVE the inspiration of Paul's Letters. "

Some people have tried to amputate Paul's letters from the New Testament.  In many cases, I think people simply misunderstand what he said.  But there is significant evidence that his letters are indeed inspired.  In my video at , I give a brief overview of why Paul's letters are inspired, and there are several chapters devoted to showing how his letters fit the 7 City Theme outline that will remove all doubt.  If you think Paul wasn't inspired, you really can't read the book Unveiling the Hebreek Meaning of the 7 Cities of Revelation and walk away with any conclusion other than perhaps you misunderstood Paul and need to find another way of looking at his writings, because the way his letters fit several patterns are hard to shake off as a mere coincidence.

If the above video fails to play, click on  and watch it there.