Jovial (25 Sep 2016)
"The 7 Cities are the key to a Hidden New Testament inside the Existing New Testament. "

Both the 7 Cities and other patterns in Scripture are multilingual, creating a pattern using both Hebrew and Greek meanings.  A certain set of rules emerged on how these meanings interacted as I began to study this and then I began to wonder; if I apply these rules to the Scriptures, would another text emerge?  If I tried to convert any Greek parts of the New Testament into an equivalent Hebrew word, using the rules that emerged and worked for the 7 Cities and other patterns in Paul's writings, would I find any hidden messages?

I did.  In fact, usually when I converted the Greek to Hebrew, not only did I often get a sentence that made sense, but it related logically to the Greek sentence.   Some of the hidden messages that emerge from this are shocking and/or fascinating and well worthy of study.  I discuss some of them in detail in "Unveiling the Hebreek Meaning of the 7 Cities of Revelation" .  This is a can't miss teaching!!!!

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