1 Cor 10:31 (25 Sep 2016)
"I did the math wrong.... TICK TOCK!!"

By 1 Cor 10:31


Hey everyone,


I had to take a break – a literal break from this board, from nearly every prophecy & news site the past month or so…. Was just literally beat down.    Being a keen observer of Bible prophecy means you have to pretty much know what’s going on in the world – and when it’s all horrible, and daily – even hourly – and often intense….. then it’s just plain easy to get beat down!!


Saying this b/c if any of you directed posts my direction, it’s very likely I didn’t even get to read them.  Did see yours though, Linda—and THANK YOU so much for calling the man who lost his wife!!!   SEE??  What I mean?  So easy for any/all of us just to “assume” someone else is covered…. Taken care of, when in fact nobody is doing it.   Unfortunately he’s not the first person I’ve heard totally giving up on church after something like this.



Anyway, back to the title of today’s post – previously I pointed out that IF the 2nd coming (NOT the rapture folks!!)  but the 2nd coming is to happen anywhere close to the Feast of Trumpets/summer ending – and IF it’s to happen in 2023 – then we’d need to be outta’ here by Rosh Hashanah of THIS year (October 4th) ~ ~~~   however, well let’s just say the world’s been better off with my never having become an accountant!!   LOL  You “math brains” shoulda’ been all over that!   Wink!


Anyway, a revision of peeking over at www.timeanddate.com  tells me we’d have till October 22 of this year – LATEST…… if, if, IF the 2nd coming is on or super close to Rosh Hashanah 2023.  You can do a search on this Doves site to find my posts about why I believe this to be so; I’ll not print it again here & now as it’s already been posted twice.  And all fairly recently, within the past couple of months.


Also I previously said I believe the raptured ones may have a couple weeks to adjust to our new surroundings as we begin to worship The King of Kings & Lord of Lords.  In my human way of thinking I still have to figure most likely we’d have a week to a couple weeks – but who knows, it may be no more than just a couple days….. meaning the rapture could happen on Oct. 22 or Oct. 20 or just any time between now & Oct. 22.


I want you all to promise you won’t feel like Charlie Brown & Linus & the cast in “The Great Pumpkin” & sob & cry & pout if the rapture does not happen RIGHT ON ROSH HASHANAH of this year!!  


I really tend to think that’s when the 2nd coming will be placed instead.


So I’m just saying if it is to go down this way  (go UP this way….. smile!!) ~~~  then c’mon – we can wait up to a month now, right??   Actually less than a month….


HOPING & praying!!


TICK TOCK!!  As Randy would say…..


Oh BTW, “interesting” wouldn’t you say:  that the 2nd US Pres. Debate is to be held on the night of Rosh Hashanah this year…. Talk about timing!


I still hope (and pray) that the rapture trumpet will sound BEFORE the elections on Nov. 8!!


Luke 21:36


And Maranatha!