TH (27 Sep 2015)


   When we are contemplating making a choice whether to believe something we
have been made aware of, how do we make our choice? Well, mainly we would
base it on the veracity of information known concerning the options, right? Yeah,
that would be a standard consideration for most people.  What about those of us
that "Hear HIS Voice"?   We let HIM decide the issue for us don't we ?  Yup, we do.
Lots and lots of "Theories" out there nowadays.  Some of them pretty extreme.
In fact some of these Theories are WAY out there.  Do we ask the H.S. which ones
are right (and which are wrong) yes, but what if you don't "hear HIS voice" ?  What
do you do then?  Here's a tip....the most evil one is probably the one that's true.
It's almost a sure bet.  Why?  Because evil is winning and increasing in every area
of our Society.  The result is that the WORST ( most evil) of the competing Theories
is likely the one that is True.  Sad, huh?  One of the reasons a lot of these ideas are
perceived as BEING OUT THERE, is that the church of today doesn't go for any of
the Super-Natural stuff.  Oh, they believe it happened in the past, but today, never.
For instance, they wouldn't believe that Giants are going to be turned lose during
the Great Tribulation that are going to tear people apart and eat them.  Heard about
THAT in your church lately?  No?  It's going to happen !   Look it up !   A percentage
of the ones that existed back in Enoch's day are in chains waiting to be turned
loose for one last go at mankind.  Is this one of those Theories?  Nope !  It's
Scriptural, look it up. There is some argument as to how BIG these Giants will be and that is where we have "Theory".  Since it's purely academic to his sheep, we can make an informed choice and safely go with the LARGEST of the GIANTS of
the past that are referred to in Scripture as being as tall as the cedars of Lebanon.
See how my theory on theories works.....go for the worst your imagination can come up with and you're probably pretty close.  And our churches remain silent.
I honestly didn't think I would be writing any more "letters" by now.  But, I thought
I would try to sneak one more under the wire before................  !   
    I believe Damascus is "key".         SEEK HIS VOICE !

              MARANATHA !

                     T H