Steve W (27 Sep 2015)
"RE: TH, Watering the Word"

Hi TH...Your letter was hard to follow. Btw, satan, although the highest ranking among angels, he is Not everywhere at the same time. Only God is. Watering the Word and saying things that are unwise are not the same thing. Jesus never once Watered down truth. He withheld from some people because of finger pointing that they knew him as a child and lack of faith in people but spoke very boldly and never watered down truth. The 2 biggest emotions that came from Jesus was love and anger. The righteous kind. As Christians we are to be wise and harmless, preferring others over ourselves. We never water down truth, love, obedience, holiness, forgiving others and repentence. If we walk according to the Word and seek Christ and His Kingdom above all else, we will walk lives pleasing to God. Thanks for your faithfulness. Steve W.