Ron Reese (27 Sep 2015)
"By a monster sandstorm, God delayed the actual date of the Feast Days!!!"

                           DATE OF THE FALL FEAST DAYS!!!


According to the first sliver of the new moon being sighted, there was a delay, ON GOD'S CALENDAR, for all of the Fall Feast Days.  Feast of Trumpets actually was on Sept. 16th.  Day of Atonement was Sept. 25th.  Feast of Tabernacles begins on Sept. 30th.  By sending a miraculous enormous sandstorm all over the Middle East, God has issued a delay in the Feast Days.  Why???  I am convinced of one reason, and maybe two.  The answers will be in my next two emails about the 17th Day of the 2nd month, and about Oct. 2nd.  I am confident that you will be totally amazed at what God has done.  The extreme importance of these next two posts cannot be over-emphasized. 

Here are 4 reports on this HUGE sandstorm, the same sandstorm and wind storm that knocked over that enormous crane onto the Great Mosque, and killed over 100 Muslims, and injured hundreds more:



There's a huge sandstorm over Israel and the Middle East. It is also in Saudi Arabia where a crane fell and killed/injured hundreds.

"The dense sandstorm that has blanketed Israel with thick yellowish-brown dust in recent days is the worst that the Jewish state has EVER endured, the Environmental Protection Ministry said Friday.

According to the ministry, the current storm, which began Tuesday, and the one experienced in February of this year have seen the highest concentration of dust particles in the air since the creation of the state in 1948, Channel 10 reported.

The storm is expected to continue throughout the weekend and begin dissipating Sunday.

A sharp rise in temperature on Wednesday added to the already difficult weather conditions, and forecasters on Thursday predicted that the dust, heat wave, and high humidity, would only taper off Saturday evening.

By its second day, the massive sandstorm broke both electricity usage and air pollution records across the country.

According to figures announced by the Israel Electric Corporation, power usage broke an all-time record as Israelis tried to keep cool by surpassing an earlier all-time high, set during a heat wave last month.

By Wednesday afternoon, consumption was 12,867 megawatts, up from the 12,800-megawatt record, set during a week of soaring temperatures in early August.

The Environmental Protection Ministry reported in several parts of the country that air pollution levels were at their worst in 75 years during the storm, which began on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, air pollution in Jerusalem was 173 times higher than average; in the Negev, 51 times higher than average; and in the Galilee, 32 times higher than average.

The ministry on Wednesday evening re-issued a warning, advising Israelis against being outside for extended periods, and reminded people to avoid any excessive outdoor physical activity."




"ALSO:  ROSH HASHANAH HAS BEEN DELAYED.  The Moon must be seen in order for the new year to begin. Some of you know the Mid-East has had a sand storm of Biblical proportions. In order for the Feast of Trumpets to start, the moon must have been  seen and also witnessed, by 2 or 3 witnesses. They did not see the moon last night so the New Year could not begin.  THIS IS A GOD DELAY..."

Ron, I did not watch the video but am sending this on because of what is written above by evangelist Anita Fuentes.



Sandstorm ushering in High Holy Days

"We are in the last week of the Hebrew month of Elul. Tishrei and new Jewish New Year begin Sunday night with theFeast of Trumpets, which is the call for repentance,10 days before Yom Kippur.

The timing of the sandstorm (or haboob) did make me wonder, but busyness delayed more thought and prayer. The BBC reported that the sandstorm came out of Iraq (ancient Babylon), and Reuters quoted a Cyprus weather official who said, ďWe have had sandstorms before, but not of this intensity. Itís very rare for this time of year too, and itís covering the entire region.Ē


> Ron,

> This is so astounding, what you have found. I believe I can add even one
> more little wrinkle to it.  Jesus said we would not know the day or the hour, and a lot of prophecy
> students believe it refers to the Feast of Trumpets, because that is
> the only Feast that begins on the first day of the month. No one knew when that was
> until the very night on which the new sliver moon was sighted in Israel.

   Now what would make it difficult or impossible to sight the new sliver
> moon?  Perhaps a fog over Israel?  But surely all of Israel would not be
> enveloped in a huge fog. Some places would be able to report seeing
> the moon.  What has happened recently that might affect this? Did you all see my emails
> reporting the huge SANDSTORM all over the MIDDLE EAST?
> Hundreds died and were injured in Saudi Arabia, at the big mosque in
> Mecca.  I also sent pictures of what the sandstorm looked like in Tel Aviv. THIS is how
> God has affected the sighting of the new sliver of the moon in Israel, ALL
> of Israel.

   There were still too many dust particles in the air to be able to discern
> the sliver of the new moon!!  They checked all over Israel, and no one reported
> seeing it. Of course not, because the effects of the HUGE SANDSTORM obscured their
> view!!  By default, the first day of Tishri begins tonight, September 15, 2015.
> That means that last night at sundown to tonight at sundown is the last day
> of the Shemitah (Elul 29).  Sundown 9/15 to sundown 9/16 is the first day of
> the seventh month (Tishri) going by the Holy Bible, God's Word,and
> believe me, that is all that matters.

These 4 reports above mean that GOD DELAYED FEAST OF TRUMPETS UNTIL SEPT. 16TH AND DAY OF ATONEMENT UNTIL SEPT. 25TH.  This begs the question as to WHY???  Be sure to read my next two emails to see why.

Ron Reese