Judith (27 Sep 2015)
"Rapture Updates - Truly Amazing!"

Hello everyone!

Having struggled with computer withdrawal for several months 
due to the breakdown of my virus-filled system, I've missed 
keeping in touch and particularly following all your postings.  It's 
good to be back on line once again.

Now that the September 23 date has come and gone, I'd like to 
continue with yet another presentation for possible Rapture timing.

The following dates are my recent calculations relating to the soon
coming Rapture.  Like always, these dates are gathered primarily 
from the biblical record of births, events, etc. from which I've 
developed "God's Calendar Study" - see link ........


Also, as we have always professed that date setting is purely 
speculative, I'm sharing these dates strictly as possibilities and
hopefully as a source of encouragement.  In any event, we all
know that the Rapture is at the door, so we can all be filled with
great anticipation and excitement knowing that fact.


Recently I had developed a possible Sept. 10/11, 2015 date for the
Rapture on our 365.25/day calendar which coincided with Feb. 3/4 ,
2045 on the 360/day calendar.  However, even though we've yet to
hit the mark with the correct timing of the Rapture, we can move
forward with the same level of enthusiasm and watchfulness for our
Blessed Hope and in doing so I've established another possible date 
of October 22, 2015 based on the 365.25/day calendar which coincides
with March 14, 2045 on the 360/day calendar.

October 22, 2015 (or 6l98.6 - See Calendar Study) was the date for
PENTECOST while March 14, 2045 (or 6289) was the PASSOVER
date for Jesus and His disciples when they gathered for the Last
Supper.  The 6198.6 is the calculation from the 365.25/day and
6289 from the 360/day calendar.

With PENTECOST coinciding with PASSOVER for the Rapture is
certainly an appropriate combination IMO.

Frankly, I hope I'm wrong and that it will be sooner.  In the meantime
happy and joyful watching!


The Tribulation dates in this study are significant in that they 
coincide with an amazing historic event and one that is soon to
come.  The one that is yet to come is according to Haggai 2:19
which states that a blessing for Israel will happen on a specific
date.  Haggai 2:19 says in part - "from this day on I will bless you".
God gives us the 9th month and 24th day (November 24) as being
that date.  

That proclamation, naming the very day for the beginning of a
great blessing was on the 360/day calendar.  Now, however,
November 24, 2015 (or 6198.7) is on our 365.25/day calendar.
This historic date is one that will happen simultaneously with
April 17, 2045 (or 6289.1).  

The significance of these dates and how they relate or coincide
are amazing!

April 17, 2045, which again is on the 360/day calendar, just happens
to be the same date of  NOAHI'S FLOOD.  Is there any other date
that could be more appropriate than this for the beginning date for

Now, however, November 24 will be in stark contrast compared to
the April 17 date (these happening simultaneously)  for this day will 
truly be a blessing to Israel  This will be the very time God will again 
turn His attention to His beloved Israel and when they will return to Him.  
This will be the time for the two witnesses and the 144,000 from the 
12 tribes of Israel.  Imagine the jubilation for those in Israel who will
discover their true Messiah! All the joy in spite of the horrors of the 
day with the realization of the Anti-Christ and his reign.

Those two dates (April 17 & Nov. 24) coincide perfectly for being
possible dates for the Tribulation to begin - the flood which resulted
in total destruction and reorganization of the earth, but blessings for
Israel as the Lord promised in Haggai.

75 DAYS -

If the Tribulation begins on Nov. 24, 2015 and April 17, 2045, by adding
the 30 days of Daniel brings us to May 17 and Oct. 18.  NOTE:  After 7
yrs. on the 365.25/day calendar, we have 37 extra days over the 360 day
year count.  To be in sync and have the equivalent of the 360/day calendar,\
we subtract 37 days which will end the Tribulation on Oct. 18 - (2 days are
added to the 5x7 days (35 days) because of the 2 leap days which will
occur during those 7 years.

By adding 30 days to the 360/day brings the date to May 17.  That date
has it's significance in history as that was the very day God came down
on Mt. Sinai to speak to Israel.  See Ex. 19:1 & 19:10.  Then by adding
the remaining 45 days of Daniel to fulfill the 75 days brings the ending
date to July 2.  The significance of that date is remarkable as that is
the very date that the flood ended - July 2/3 on the 365.25/day calendar.

The ending date on the 365.25/day has it's significance as well.  The
full 75 days added from Oct. 18 comes to Jan 1.  That date happens 
to be the very day God spoke to Moses just before he died and just
before Israel was to take possession of the Land of Israel - that, after
40 years of wandering had passed.  

God was giving instructions to Moses that he was to share with the 
people.  In part....."See I have given you this land.  Go in and take
possession of the land that the Lord swore He would give to your
fathers - Abraham, Issac and Jacob, and to their desendants after
them" - Deuteronomy 1:8.  Later on in chapter 29 verse 12, Moses
is telling the people they are standing here in order to enter into a
covenant with the Lord your God.   In fact, the whole book of
Deuteronomy, with the exception of the last chapter 34, takes 
place on January 1 for this momentous occasion.  Truly that day
is a day to be remembered and so it continues as a remarkable
remembrance when Israel is complete and in her land as foretold
by God.

Be blessed.