Fay (27 Sep 2015)
"9 Months Birthing"


Here is a link from RITAN. One which resonates with my own belief. It's worrying that the writer was "pulled up" by the moderator - simply for having an opinion (valid, in my eyes) that differs from theirs. Just because we 1st world Christians aren't the ones currently being beheaded, murdered, imprisoned, displaced etc., the general consensus is that we are not in tribulation!! Despite all evidence to the contrary. There may be the teeniest possibility that people have been mistaken and misread scripture. Nothing is etched in stone (beside the 10 Commandments). Etched in stone heads, more like!  The 7 churches in Revelations are ALL in Asia. They are suffering terrible tribulation, whilst we 1st worlders watch our societies breaking down - abortion, terrorism,murder, drought, wars and rumours of war. This thread is well worth reading and pondering.