Fay (27 Sep 2015)
"Thread from RITAN"


Hi All,

I know this is a hot, sticky topic and I really, really don't want to open up the whole can of worms again - scrolling through semantics, commas....(Oy Vey) etc., etc., is seriously not my intention. Just my opinion though - judging by the numerous prophecies about Israel only having a final 70 years in the land (which happened in 1948, least we forget) - we have 3 years left before the LORD brings it all crashing down!  Period Therefore, the rapture of the Church could happen at ANY time now.. Squelching in another 7 years from 2015 through to 2022,, through biblical acrobatics and backward somersaults, just doesn't do it for me. Who knows how long "the hour of wrath" is, but WRATH is what we are taken out of. "The hour of temptation". The prophet Daniel, had no such conundrum. He took our LORD God at his word. Perhaps loads of other folk, in Daniel's day, had other ideas. Daniel took God LITERALLY. 70 years is 70 years is 70 years ! The signs are all here - all now. Are we in denial or are we seriously preparing? The NWO has shifted into position and are spouting their nonsense. THEY are in readiness. Are we?