Elliot Hong (27 Sep 2015)
""On a holiday?" & Labor Day Weekend?"

Dear Doves:
As I quoted from "On a holiday?" several times before, Jerry, a reliable guy, saw in his dream
that the Rapture occurred during a nuclear explosion on one of holidays like Memorial Day,
Independence Day, or Labor Day.
This Labor Day weekend is September 5,6,7 and it matches with Charity's vision "5,6,7, Jesus!"
As I wrote in my previous letter, the Full Moon of Elul was the 7th Full Moon from last Purim. 
And 7 days from the Full Moon of Elul is September 6 which is Elul 22.
22 could be significant.
1) It means Light
2) Song of Songs is the 22nd Book
3) From the day when the Oslo Accords signed to this Rosh Hashanah is 22 years
4) Double Judgment of 11
5) Double Division of 2
6) From Elul 22 to the last Blood Moon of the Tetrad on 9/28 is 22 days
For these reasons, we should be ready for this Labor Day weekend.
If nothing happens, then watch for the 14th anniversary of 911.
14 means Salvation.
No one knows the day or the hour, but we all know it's very close.