Bob (27 Sep 2015)
"LINK to a "You've-Got-To -Hear" Sermon  from Our Son's Church"

First a note from me
Dear Brothers and Sisters in The Lord
    I believe that this is an answer to our prayer that our children hear an end-times message that they could
believe and accept, We pray that they will not miss-out on all that God has for them in kingdom rewards rather than in the competing worldly things (that seems to us), to currently have them diverted too much to lesser things and interests  --  things that could rob them of the much better things that the Lord has in store for them. The preacher, Pastor Randy Phillips, did a suburb job of discussing this point as well as the other important points he made concerning the “Rapture of the Church”. Over all, it is a marvelous teaching and so very welcome.
Take note that right at the start of this sermon Pastor Randy declares that the church-(by-and-large)** ignores/avoids this vital truth for a variety of reasons. He not only boldly addresses this very key and timely topic, but does so in a very accurate and rational manner.
    ** at least the American church.
Most of you should know that “The Rapture of the Church” is far-and-away my most favorite and consuming topic of interest.  I support my study and resultant opinions by frequent reference to two principal sources of sound and scripturally reliable information.
        First, the Latter Day Letters (internet forum) of the and secondly, to the website dedicated to this topic.  ***
***A word of caution might be appropriate here. Wherever there is good spiritual food available there will also be some chaff as well. So if you should decide to follow these sites, get to know the writers sharing there and try to learn if their message is scripturally sound. I’m glad to report that those who manage the 2 sites I frequent do an outstanding job in keeping the WORD pure while allowing for a good exchange of ideas when there are differences of opinion.

In Him, Our SOON Returning LORD and Savior,
    And, as Pastor Randy asks:
        "Are you ready?"