Anthony Mak (27 Sep 2015)
"The "CONTRACT" with 1st Adam is ABSOLUTELY OVER!!!"

The 120 Jubilee Years original "contract" with Adam is very very likely OVER as from the 23rd to 25th of September 2015!!! God's 6,000 to 6,049 prophetic years of STRIVING with Man is OVER!!! The NEXT Jubilee Year is ANOTHER 49 years away, do you think the Lord is going to wait THAT LONG with the way things are happening on the earth right now??? The world has most likely entered its LAST AND FINAL "50th year of Jubilee" or "A TYPE OF PENTECOST YEAR" for the Church Age to END WHERE IT STARTED but, in God's kind of "Pentecost" which was also a "mystery" hidden until the final hours of Mankind's history...God is a God of order and divine precision!!!! ( read my other post about this "Pentecost" and about 5776 being the YEAR OF THE RAPTURE and "2nd Pentecost" )

We have now very very likely, entered the "handing back the earth to Almighty God" transition period which can be 3 / 7/ 10 / 21 / 40 / 50 days or even up to 120 days long from Yom Kippur WHICH IS DRIVING THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS NUTS ( and STILL RESTRAINING its efforts to take control of the world! )

Get Ready, Bride of Christ, we are about to be RAPTURED / TRANSFORMED in the twinkling of an eye DURING this transition period and Satan knows it and is also very very MAD with that too as he STILL CANNOT pin-point the EXACT day and hour....

God is a God of order...He CANNOT "pour" His Spirit UPON ALL FLESH to cause the greatest REVIVAL to take place UNTIL His Spirit is FREED from His indwelling works IN the Body of Christ and so, the Rapture / Transformation IS that moment the Spirit is "freed" and immediately after that, He CAN be poured OUT UPON ALL FLESH. The Rapture event TRIGGERS the greatest revival and saving of souls upon the earth and those who were "COLD" towards Him will be saved and possibly become the "guests" at the wedding ceremony to fill up the banquet hall in Heaven ( taken to heaven as well! ) and those who were found to be "lukewarm" or "compromising" or "dead" or "foolish" at the time of the Rapture / Transformation will be left behind! That's why the Spirit says to the Churches that He would rather that we be found to be "cold" or "hot" and not lukewarm at the Rapture!

Even God's prophesied "delay" period in the parable of the 10 virgins is now ABSOLUTELY OVER! The "midnight cry" in the parable may very well be the YOM KIPPUR trumpet sound of YOM KIPPUR 2015 or 5766!!! LOOK UP, OUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH!!!! HALELUYAH!!!!! COME LORD JESUS!!!!!!!!!

Thank You Brother JOHN TNG for faithfully keeping this site going all these trying years until the end!!!! Only God Himself can and will reward you for this!