Angela Goodrick (27 Sep 2015)
"North Korea expected to launch ICBMs in October"

John and Doves,

The 70th Anniversary of the Workers Party is on October 10th, and is greatly celebrated in North Korea.

It is expected that North Korea will take "provocative actions " sometime in October.

To be specific, it is believed that they will launch ICBMs against any perceived enemies ( South Korea, US troops nearby, United States, Japan ).

It is interesting that the New York Times also wrote of this event and consistently used the term "the North", rather than "North Korea".
That is the exact phrase used by the Holy Spirit in Jeremiah 50:3 which speaks of "A" nation (instead of a group of nations ) which comes against "Babylon".

Also in Jeremiah 4:6 it says," for I will bring evil from the North, and a great destruction."

September has been an intense month and it looks like October will be also.

In Him,
Angela Goodrick  ( see # 3 )

Ezekiel 33: 3--6