Angela Goodrick (27 Sep 2015)
"Feast of Tabernacles; Happy Birthday Jesus"

John and Doves,
On Sunday evening the 27th of September begins the joyous feast of Tabernacles, also called "Booths, Ingathering, Harvest and Sukkot".

The first day of Tabernacles is also the Birthday of Jesus, as calculated by the Jewish sages.

Below are two articles pertaining to this glorious feast:

and also
Happy Birthday Jesus

This feast of Tabernacles has three special days contained within that week long celebration:

1. Hoshanna Rabba, wherein Jesus calls all of us to the Indwelling of the Holy Ghost, our Living Waters-- John 7: 37--39

2. Shemenei Azaret: Praying for the Former and Latter rains to bless their fields James 5:6

3.Simchat Torah : Rejoicing in the Word of God.
Reading once again the Word of God ( 66 books) through out the New Year.  Isaiah 11:9

I also like to apply this holiday to the Spiritual Harvest that is coming in right now in these Last Days :
John 4: 35 and 36
also Revelation 7: 9, 10
1 Corinthians 3: 6-8

"Hag Sameyah", (Happy Holiday )
and "Feliz Navidad Yeshua" ... Happy Birthday Jesus,

Angela Goodrick