Alexander Marcussen (27 Sep 2015)
"The Ultimate ELS Code in Genesis 1:1"

Hi John i just finished the ELS code i found in Genesis 1:1 and you cann see how it connect's to your discovery and Bonnie gaunt, So i have to share this with you now:) This will be a good edition to the Genesis 1:1 and ELS:)
 We can clearly see that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and that God uses him to verify them, as Jesus confirmed God. This is done with the supernatural precision in mathematics from an omniscient God who created the Hebrew alphabet.
John and Bonnie Gaunt discovered Jesus (888) & Christ (1480) in ELS skips of 3 & 7 separately. John used Reverses in his method and he also found a reference to the 23 Combinations of 37 (23X37) along with Jesus 888. (See: here see here:

I noticed that all the letters from the 3rd letter to the 7th letter added equals 713 which equals all prime numbers added from 1 to 73.

These two discoveries inspired me to find something that I strongly believe is the ultimate ELS code in Genesis 1:1 or even the whole Bible when it comes to Values as it's topic. Here I use jumps of 3 & 7 not separately. So the first hit in 3&7 is the third letter while the next letter is the tenth letter, which is a skip of 7 after 3 and then 3 again. So I did this forward and in reverse with both 3 & 7 and 7 & 3.
Genesis 1: 1 is the creation verse in the Old Testament but we have a creation verse in the New Testament as well, John 1: 1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (The Word is Jesus here) this gets connected in one of the code through a value to the word in Greek is 373.
There are several discoveries with Geneses 1:1 and its connections to John 1:1 mathematically, in gematria and even figurate Numbers.

- The first verse of the Bible; Genesis 1:1In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” consists of 7 words with 28 letters in Hebrew original version of it.  
- Dr.Panin found 31 codes of number 7 in this first verse and 23 combinations of 37 in the words + the total. (se here for the codes:
- There are 22 letters of the Alphabet & 22 pairs chromosomes + the sex Chromosome = 23 pars = total of 46.
- The most holy name of God according to the Hebrews is the word “Lord” which has a value of 26. But another Holy name that is known is the name “Lord God” which equals 112 in Hebrew.
- Now if we use English Ordinal gematria (A=1, B=2…Z=26) on the word “God” we get 26.
- So “Lord” in Hebrew and “God” in English Ordinal = 26 + 26.
- if we write “Lord” in English Ordinal we get 49 (7th Square with octagon of 37)
- If we write “Lord God” and use English ordinal & Standard and add the Hebrew name “Lord God” 112 we get 442 or 17X26 = (7+3+7) X 26 “Lord” in Hebrew or God in English Ordinal.
- Write “God” and use both English Standard & Ordinal = 73+73.

-  When we write the two names Jesus = 888 = (8+8+8) X37+ Christ (1480) in Greek = 2368 (8X8) X37. N.T is written in Greek.
- “Jesus” written in Hebrew equals 397.
- John 1:1 is the 2nd and last Creation verse of the bible, and the “Word” has a value of 373 in Greek. The Word is Jesus as it is mentioned later in this chapter.
 - The middle word in Genesis 1:1 is the two letter Aleph & Tav (401) which is the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It signifies Jesus because it represent “The First and The Last” who is Jesus who said “I am the Alpha & Omega” (first and last letter in Greek) But Jesus probably spoke in Hebrew here and said rather “Aleph & Tav” instead of “Alpha & Omega”.
- We can also say that this ELS is a reference to the Total value of this verse because we use skips of 3&7 + 7&3 that gets all these hits. And we know 37X73 is the total value of this verse. We even have multiple references to 46 & the 23 Chromosome’s. And remember that the 23’s are dominant in the skips of 3&7 pointing to the 23 combinations of 37. But the 23’s here also points to the 23 pairs of Chromosome’s because the number 46 is also prominent here!
And yes the number 777 also says hello here a couple of times like the value of the three nouns in this verse “God” The Heaven” “The Earth” = 777.
We even have indirect codes here like in the math of number 819 which pops up 2 times here for double confirmation.
Even references to the 4 first Star numbers here, and Star number 3 & 4 is connected to the two words (3)“Hearth” + (4)“Wisdom” which again is connected to the value of the two last words of this verse (703) and even the total value (2701). Even the 37th Happy Number
J And Prime Numbers have their place here.  

See if you guys can spot how many times you can see references in this ELS code I found.
The findings of John and Bonnie were obviously only a “teaser” or a build-up to this Code. I believe this code is so massive because the skips combining 3&7 or 7&3 into 1 skip makes a stronger 37 & 73 into this code.
And this whole code is massive with a reference to several topics! to Dr. Panins codes of genesis 1:1, The 7 words & 28 letters. Jesus  in both Greek and Hebrew + the Word in John 1:1, Even the two most Holy names of God in Hebrew  “Lord & God” pops up here even a reference to “God” in both English and Hebrew (52).
 So I am honored to find this code and can share it with you and all glory to God for his miracles in this verse.
Greetings from Norway, Alexander Marcussen.

ELS of Genesis 1.docx

Thanks, Alexander!