Pastor Bob (16 Sep 2013)
"Ref: Rick Joyner"


Ref: Rick Joyner
This man is a false teacher by all Biblical standards.  He is a member of the CFR and he has been knighted as a Knight of Malta.  He is an agent of disinformation, deception, and an exposed liar.
Knights of Malta members are high up on the Masonic degreed hierarchy system.  They also oversee global intelligence gathering activity for the Vatican and are accountable to the Jesuits "black pope".  Knights of Malta carry diplomatic passports.  They travel with total immunity and The Chief Justice John Roberts was photographed entering the Knights of Malta headquarters a day after the Supreme Court ruled Obama's Health Care Bill constitutional.
Most Americans will one day soon be surprised to learn that the USA is the "False Prophet" and the "Image" of the Beast in Revelation.  Catholicism infiltrated Freemasonry shortly after the forming of the Illuminati.  Suggest you read John Daniels book "Vatican Design Exposed".
Pastor Bob