K.S. Rajan (16 Sep 2013)

The following was taken from what turned out to be a long Facebook posting that I put up a few moments ago.  I was surprised by its intensity, but you are reading my private internal thoughts that I ended up posting.  A lot of it has to do with the final sentences I have placed in my new book, "A Prophecy of the Future of America" which is in final editing and will be sent out to all those who have pre-ordered and have been incredibly patient, before it is released to the general public.  There is still time to pre-order the book.  The video below "America Digital Babylon Stargate," is Part 1 of at least two parts that I have recorded.  Part 2 is ready to be sent out.  However, due to the content of the video,  I want to pray and review it before sending it to you. I am requesting that all of you, who are prayer warriors, pray for me and the ministry in this matter.
                            McGUIRE PART 1
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Part 2 is going to contain a very intense warning based on research and prayer about what is about to happen in America and the world.  Please spread far and wide!  On January 1, 2012 the occult celebrated Aleister Crowley's the "New Aeon."  The music videos coming out now contain both highly pornographic and satanic / Illuminati symbolism.  This is evidence of the "spirit of antichrist" at work.  Historically, when the "spirit of antichrist" enters a nation, such as during the French Revolution where orgies were held in the church sanctuaries during a bloody revolution where people rioted in the streets.
Historically, whenever the church is weak as most of the church in America has been weakened by what Dr. Francis Schaeffer called "accommodation," the "spirit of antichrist" enters that nation -Nazi, Germany, etc. Much of the Evangelical leadership does not know history.  They have removed the Word of God from the church by substituting humanistic teachings.  This is what happened in Nazi, Germany and why the church could not discern the antichrist nature of Hitler. History teaches us what is about to happen in America next...it tells us with mathematical precision exactly what will happen.  I am not writing this to be sensationalistic or to fear-monger.  I love people and I love God's people. 
However, my conscience does not permit me to be silent in the face of what I know is coming.  Anyone who has studied history knows precisely what I am talking about.  Within God's sovereign prophetic program I believe God has given us one last window of opportunity to change direction.  But, that is contingent on a complete turnaround (repentance) of the direction of the church and where many of its leaders are taking it, especially the younger generation of leaders.  I do not wish to sound condescending, but on an historical, philosophical and theological basis, that is where they are taking it. 
Ideas have consequences!   Currently, there is tremendous resistance to the truth and especially the truth of history.  Remember the Jews continually said, "It can't happen here."  We are in a spiritual state of emergency; collective denial of that reality is our primary sin before God.  But, this is not simply a leadership problem, a very large percentage of those that call themselves Christians in America do not read their own Bibles.  They do not want to be told the truth. They want to be lied to and they demand false teachers.  So God is giving them over to exactly what they want, a strong delusion.
There are churches all over America that will not teach the prophetic Scriptures, they forbid it or minimize it.  They have decided in their own human and finite minds, that they are wiser than God.  For God's church to actively censor God's Word is no small thing.  It is also no small thing to arbitrarily categorize the prophetic Word as something we don't need today or to say it is just abstract symbolism.  This is exactly what the Evangelical Church did in Nazi, Germany as the pastors and the people stopped believing God's Word and replaced it with humanism, due to the German Schools of Theological Higher Criticism. 
This is the exact same theology as many of our seminaries and this is where the theology of parts of the Seeker Friendly and Emergent Movement's stem from.  In fact, there is a direct connection through the Frankfurt School of Germany.   This is exactly what happened during the French Revolution, Germany and many other places.  History is repeating itself and the results will be the same, unless we change direction and God intervenes, which is still possible.  This is the entire purpose of my life and what I have devoted my life to. 
True love of agape love cares enough to challenge and confront people in love, in order to save them.  Counterfeit love stands by and watches the sheep being fattened up for the slaughter.  I am not better than anyone else, but I am accountable for what I know.  Therefore I must act upon that basis.
My purpose is not to create division or to "attack" anyone.  None of us, including myself are perfect.  We all make mistakes.
However, my life experience is somewhat unique and I believe that God has used that to show me things and teach me things, which others may not have had the benefit of learning from.  I was raised in an atheistic household in New York City, where I was literally taught that Christianity was evil religion because it was based on ignorance.  I was a counter culture radical when I was fifteen years old and demonstrated with the radical activists like Abbie Hoffman.  I was part of the first Earth Day celebration.  I hated Christians...to be continued.  Prayer is essential at this time.  First for our nation and them for me and the ministry!

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