David Blackman (5 Sep 2013)
"Reply to: So, When Is The Rapture?"

Hi All,

I had mention this sometime ago but would like to bring it up again since it is related to the same time frame that we are in as well as Miriam Howard presented below.  The rabbi Ben Samuel that spoke of the 10 jubilees to the count down to the messiah which I am sure everyone here knows about.  I first read about this rabbi in an online magazine called Israel Today and was amazed at how accurate everything seemed to fit.  There was one thing in that article that bothered me and it was when they stated that this was not for the return of Jesus.  At the time I thought it to be very odd statement to make since I was under the impression it was the same thing.  Since the rapture did not happen in 2010 as I thought it should have I remembered that statement that bothered me in the article.  I started thinking about this again last year and thought maybe this was a count down to the antichrist at the mid point of the tribulation since the jews will be looking for their messiah in 2017.  That would put the time for the 3.5 years to be from mid 2013 to mid 2014 for the beginning of the tribulation.  I not sure what time of the year that Israel would expect the messiah but thought this was interesting.  What do you think?

This is amazing that so many things are pointing to this time frame.