Renee M (29 Sep 2012)
"Re: Keith Davidson (27 Sep 2012) "Renee M Re; Your letters and u tube""

Dear Keith,
Thank you for your very kind words. I don't know why the Lord chose me to bring this revelation to, except that I was the least likely person on His list and He seems to enjoy choosing people to do things who are not naturally inclined or gifted in a certain area. Then He gets all the glory for it so that our flesh cannot boast that we had some great gift or special ability that made Him choose us for a special task.

Before 2001, I was one of the "mockers". I did not believe we were living in the end-times and ridiculed those who thought we were. I was like Saul of Tarsus, who became the very thing he ridiculed and persecuted. My dad is very much into end-time prophecy, and has been since I was a little girl, so perhaps the Lord choosing me was a blessing and reward to him for his many years of faithfully watching. And because of His great mercy and love for me, He was willing to "set me straight" so that I could walk in the light and truth in areas of my life that were still blurred and just not correct. I wanted to mention my dad because of your comments about watching your offspring being used by the Lord.

I wrote to my sister yesterday and told her what was so exciting to me about this was that it is all hidden in the Scriptures. I told her that if she would really read my website and watch all of my videos, she would see that I do not make even ONE mention about the personal revelation of the Lord to me, everything I mention is directly from the Scriptures. This is why it is so exciting to me. I told her that if the Lord picked a day and told me to tell the world it was when He was coming, it would not impact people very much because it could just be a "lucky guess". What is so exciting to me about this revelation is that I am able to prove from the Scriptures that this event (the Rapture) was prophesied and written about in the Bible and that the Scriptures point to this exact date for this to happen. That is why it will save millions of people from the deception, because it will convince them that this was all in the Bible and at least one person (hopefully more!) was able to see it and tell it ahead of time using only the Bible to predict the correct date and event. The deception will be very great, as Jesus warns us, and He wants to make sure He gives people every possible opportunity to see the truth and come to Him. That's why He made sure to hide it all in the Scriptures and only reveal it at the last moment - just a few weeks before the event.

Blessings to you and your family and thank you again for your kindness to me,
Renee M.

We had just returned home from 7 days in the Kruger National Park, where it is quiet and away from the daily running of our Guest House ,to help recover from my wife's 3rd cancer chemotherapy treatment. Early Saturday 15th I browsed through "Five Doves" site, as is my custom ever since John Tng opened in 1997.
I have seen some posts of yours before , and never bothered to read them. However, something inside triggered a response to read 

                                                                     The revelation is complete...

I got through reading 4 paragraphs when my spirit quickened, and felt the Holy Spirit was confirming something deep inside me.
Where have you been, girl? Hiding your light from Five Doves subscribers? I have children your age; two sons and three daughters. Your calling is TRUE and FAITHFUL. I identify the same experience in early January 2001, and knew this was about the ten year warning to the Church. In 2005 the world's attention was on Israel, and always knew it is God's time clock to the Christian world. I can remember exactly where I was when war broke out June 6th-10th  in 1967, bearing witness to the final Jubilee.

I then read all your posts, and feel strongly you have the GIFT of DISCERNMENT. I also looked into some of your U tube posts, and understand through trial and persistence to produce quality  U tube presentations of your work. It is extremely good ;..except for the timing of your transitions. One has to speed read your written work, but ever so fundamentally good. You are a blessing to many. You see ,I'm using H/D Ultimate 15 by Avid ,and learned through trial and error,how to produce documentaries.

As I said, I'm a father to 5 children and 11 grandchildren, all of which who have come to the age of understanding are BORN AGAIN. One thing about growing old is to witness the Spirit of God ,working through one's offspring. Like Noah and all his household were all saved from the Judgment to come.One doesn't own your children; they are lent to one by the Almighty. What a privilege! Everyone will be divinely protected through what is about to come this world.

Renee, take delight in our Lord that His  Work  in and through you will bring much fruit!

In the early sixties there was a wave of divinely inspired evangelistic outpouring of the Holy Spirit that changed even the "flower power" young people. It was also a time that satan and his cohorts tried to drag , discourage, and wreck the work of God. The time is coming soon when the forces of evil will enforce their agenda on the whole world. Yet our Heavenly Father and His angels shall raise a standard against all that is evil. His Church will go through  fires of purity, and your testament, your tireless work shall bring forth much fruit.

When  some of the long supporters of this site, folks like Jim Bramlett,Randy, Steve M, Ola Ilori, and Marilyn Agee  all recognise your ministry as divinely inspired,bares testament that your ministry has been tried and tested by the Holy Spirit.


Keith D