Rene (5 Sep 2012)
"WHY U MUST BELIEVE THIS ABOUT JESUS (& what is it about Snow White???)"

This is a page or 2, but it will be worth it - read on! EVERY CHRISTIAN on the face of the earth needs to KNOW this and let it sink into their BRAIN!!!!  You need to know how much planning went into God's great SALVATION and how important it is to believe in the virgin birth of Jesus!
Many pastors claim that they are "Christians," but they turn right around and deny the virgin birth. They are terribly deceived. The blood of the human race has been stained with SIN and the penalty for sin is DEATH!
Folks, the baby's BLOOD comes from the FATHER, NOT the MOTHER!  Did U know that in the womb, the baby's blood and the mother's blood do NOT mix!? That is right.  God DESIGNED it that way physiologically for a REASON! The baby's blood comes from the FATHER!
The two do NOT mix! Now, there are occasions when there is an accidental mixing (sometimes when the birthing process takes place) and a little of the baby's blood gets mixed with mom's blood, or during a procedure like an amniocentesis, or when something goes wrong as in placenta previa. If the mom has what is known as rH negative blood and the father has rH positive blood, and the baby ends up with rH positive blood, when that accidental mixing occurs, the mom will start to build up antibodies against that rH positive blood. Those antibodies will destroy the red blood cells of the baby, but normally NOT the first born. The FIRST pregnancy is usually NOT affected because it takes awhile for mom to build up sufficient antibodies in her blood to harm the baby -- but it is later pregnancies that can be affected where the mom's blood builds up ANTIBODIES to the baby's blood type and during the NEXT pregnancy, these ANTIBODIES DO cross the placenta and cause the next baby to develop severe jaundice and anemia (called rH disease) and the cure is (you won't believe this) - LIGHT! That's right - the newborn is placed under BLUE LIGHT therapy (photo therapy), but their eyes are covered because (oh yeah!) that LIGHT can damage the eyes!!! (hello?)
And in more severe cases, the baby may also need blood transfusions due to the anemia. This is RARE in first born children because usually the mom has not had a chance to build up antibodies against the rH positive blood yet, but she continues to build up the antibodies the rest of her life so any babies that come AFTER THE FIRST BORN are in jeopardy of having rH disease, the more the babies she has, the higher the jeopardy for each one after the first one. However, realize that even if the antibodies cross into the baby via the placenta, the BLOOD CELLS DO NOT!
This is so important to let it sink into your brain as a Christian because Jesus did NOT get his blood from Joseph! He was and is GOD IN THE FLESH. His blood is GOD's BLOOD! HOLY, pure, spotless blood! Mary's blood came from her dad, who got his blood from his dad, who got his blood from his dad--- etc, etc, and he was a sinner just as every man before him right back to ADAM!  Mary admitted she was a sinner otherwise why did she declare in the "Magnificant" that: "My soul rejoices in God my SAVIOUR," if she did not need a Saviour? Only someone without the stain of ADAM's sin in their blood could redeem a fallen human race with sinless, PURE, untainted blood! WHY? BECAUSE THE LIFE OF THE FLESH IS IN THE BLOOD and it is the BLOOD THAT MAKES AN ATONEMENT FOR SIN!
(Oh, and by the way, when Catholics talk about Mary appearing and claiming to be the "Immaculate Conception"???  it's another lying spirit sent from hell ---(Oh yeah, they even have millions of medals with that tripe on them), they are NOT talking about when Mary conceived JESUS! They are telling you that MARY was born without sin! That's right! And most Catholics don't even KNOW this! Just ask them and they will tell you it refers to JESUS. Well, it doesn't!  Their CHURCH teaches and believes that this refers to MARY when she was conceived! Most of them don't even know WHAT their church really teaches!) Go ahead and ask the next six Catholics you see and they will tell you that the "immaculate conception" is the birth of Jesus! It isn't! Though Jesus WAS miraculously and immaculately conceived, their Church teaches that this term refers to MARY's birth!
Well, sorry to disillusion all those medal-clingers out there, but Mary got her blood from her DAD, who got his blood from his dad all the way back to ADAM (see above) and it was ALL TAINTED!!! There was NO immaculate conception of Mary. Only Jesus was conceived without sin through the supernatural overshadowing of the Holy Spirit!
It is very possible that before they fell, Adam & Eve had no BLOOD. (You know, they would have been very pale like in "Snow White" - where do you THINK that story came from??? They're all plots stolen from the Bible.) There is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.  Now, this is if they were light-skinned to begin with. They may have been Shemite or Hamite (I don't think so), but we are not told that. We do know that JESUS was not Hamite and He was not Japeth. He was SHEMITE! He was a Jew. I get weary of seeing people who draw pictures of Jesus as a black man or like a pale European! He was Shemitic. He had black hair and olive skin, features just as the Jews have. Read the Song of Solomon!  Mary and Joseph were Jewish. Jesus' brethren were Jews, his disciples were Jews. Why would God give them a pale skinned, blonde-headed baby like a European or a black-skinned, frizzy-haired baby like a hamite? He would have been an outcast among his own tribe.
Anyway, it is very, very likely that Adam & Eve obtained BLOOD when they ate the forbidden fruit (which was GRAPES, by the way---not apples), hence the Bible often refers to the BLOOD of grapes, the wrath of the winepress of God (pressing out blood from humans like grapes - ??) and JESUS took grape juice and said "this is my BLOOD".  WHY do you think his FIRST miracle was changing WATER into wine? Think about it!!!   Because WINE is a type of blood. It's from grapes! Adam and Eve probably had water (normal saline) pure water from the River of Life --- running through their veins and arteries before the fall. When they partook of the GRAPES, a horrible DNA change occurred and voila!  - Eve had RED lips--and ever since women have been putting RED dye (lipstick) on their lips, haven't they?(Lipstick??) And BLUSH on their cheeks to get "APPLE RED cheeks? Or they pinch their cheeks to turn them PINK (pinching their face draws the blood to the face). Check it out. Go back and look at the history books! Did you know that they can use seawater just like blood for transfusions? Why do you think they give normal saline infusions in the hospitals and bolus them when people are very dehydrated or low on blood? They use the water first, then resort to blood when the water isn't enough! But blood carries risks because it carries DISEASES! Human blood, that is! Because we have the wrong blood! When you go in the hospital, all they do the entire time you are there is check your blood! When you are getting ready to die, the problem is something in the BLOOD! Too much iron, too little potassium, too much potassium, too much calcium, too few platelets, too many platelets, too little hemoglobin, too many white cells, too many red cells, too few white cells, too many abnormal cells, too much fat, too little fat (the good kind), too many yeast cells, too much water, too little water, too many bacteria, too much oxygen, too little oxygen, too much acid, too little acid --  and on and on-- and on-- it goes....when you die, it will be YOUR BLOOD that kills you because the life of the flesh is in the blood and YOU have the wrong kind of blood!
Think about this --- Adam took a bite of the grapes, then looked and saw that his "Snow White" - God-given-helpmate was suddenly PINK! She was BLUSHING! (Why do you think the witch in the story of SNOW WHITE used an APPLE to poison her, eh? Because we got it wrong - it wasn't a red apple! It was red grapes!) Eve was turning crimson RED, hence God uses scarlet or RED in the Bible to denote sin. BLOOD IS RED! Though your sins be as SCARLET, they shall be WHITE LIKE SNOW! (SNOW WHITE??!!) Oh, and don't forget those SEVEN DWARFS. God always did work in SEVENS didn't He? Ah yes, and those 7 dwarfs took Snow White under their "wings" (roof)  to protect her (then afterwards SHE ATE THE "forbidden" fruit) given to her (by the way) by the wicked WITCH and ultimately they took her to her Prince! There are 7 spirits of God and HE will take us under HIS wings (we have inherited Adam's sinful nature), when we accept Jesus' sacrifice on our behalf, and take us to our PRINCE - the King of Kings! He gives the BREATH of life, and without him, you get the KISS OF death! Snow White was saved from the evil witch's spell by the kiss (breath) of her true love, and only GOD Himself LOVED US enough to ransom us with his own blood!
Folks, we ALL have tainted blood! We need the BLUE LIGHT! Jesus is the LIGHT. BLUE is royalty! We need the BLUE BLOOD!!!!!! We need that ROYAL BLOOD TRANSFUSION!!!!!!!!!  This is why the mother's blood and the baby's blood do NOT mix in the womb! God would have it no other way. He knew before he ever created woman that we would fall and he would send a Saviour in the FLESH to redeem us ---from the foundation of the world! Ever wonder about the "Seed" of the woman destroying the head of the serpent? Woman has no seed. It is the man who has the seed. God had to provide the "seed" for Mary to give birth to Jesus!  Now, the next time somebody tells you that they are a Christian and they do NOT believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, you can explain to them that without the virgin birth there could be NO PURE, SPOTLESS blood shed on their behalf! They are simply making a liar out of God! This is why God created the woman in such a way that the baby's blood does NOT mix with mom's! With God nothing shall be impossible!  After all - he made a man without a woman being involved, he made a woman without a man being involved, and he made a man out of a woman and a man being involved, HE can do it all! (But 2 men still can't make a baby, nor can 2 women make a baby! If men marry men and women marry women - the end result is the extinction of the human race. Isn't God FABULOUS?!!!!
P.S.  Shall we do Cinderella next week?