Margaret (8 Sep 2012)
"I have never felt like this before"


My friends in Christ:

I have never felt like this before.  I am not depressed, but would say I am resigned.  The world situation is steadily growing worse.  We do not even have to look to the Middle East any longer to know we are living in the last days.  How it will happen I do not know, but it looks like O will win the election, if there is indeed an election.  We cannot know anything any longer.  Nothing is certain.

I live in The Catskill Mountains of the Northeast.  Life here is gradually falling apart.  Our reservoirs are drying up and we are now on water watches with no rain in sight.  We have a governor who is for gay marriage, living with a woman that is not his wife, and is going to sign legislation to permit hydrofracking in the upper part of the state.  People do not want this as it WILL destroy our environment, but it is all about money. It is frightening how far removed this man is from God, although he professes to believe in God.    HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW THAT SAY THEY BELIEVE IN GOD AND YET DO NOT BELIEVE GOD?
I read how many on 5Dove feel isolated, even from immediate family, as our families think we are nuts and see all of what is happening as the swing of the pendulum. They feel life will return to normal again.  What is normal anymore?
The predictions for our Winter here is the Northeast are for lots of snow and very cold.  With all the nuts falling from the oak trees around here, I would think the predictions are correct. Many will suffer as they cannot afford the price of oil.
For the very first time ever, I do not feel like turning my entire house upside down to do Fall cleaning.  I come from the generation where every Spring and Fall we clean, polish and scrub.
Something is telling me to wait.  If by October we are still here, I will clean.  I will also get out my crock pot and start making soup to freeze for the Winter. The wood has already been stacked.  I love to work and am grateful to God each and every day that I can work as hard as I do.

I am not a date setter, the disappointment when the date comes and goes is devastating.  Harold Camping did us a great injustice and because of him we carry an extra burden.

I stay in prayer that Our Heavenly Father keeps us close.  I pray for him to bring us home and to give us strength if HE should decide to wait.  We have to realize our time is not God's time.  We could, and I pray not, have to wait awhile longer.

Thank you for 5Dove where everyone is welcomed.

Sincerely Yours In Christ,