John Nelson (10 Sep 2012)
"Flipping coins, the rapture, and Isaiah 17"

According to Proverbs 16:33
"The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD."

I've been taking God at his Word on this for many years, since the
late 80's. When i didn't know exactly what to do, i'd pray to the Lord
and tell Him i'm not sure what to do in a certain situation, remind
Him and myself of the verse in Proverbs about casting lots, then i'd
flip a coin, heads i'll do this, tails i'll do that, I just left it in
His hands! It was always something i just could not figure out or
discern. Once the flip was done I ALWAYS DID as the Lord showed me to
be His will. Of course, over time i could see, He was never wrong, His
will is perfect. Since the 80's it never came to mind about seeking
His answer about the rapture, till this year, even though, like most
on this site, i've been a watcher for as long as i've been saved, over
30 years. A couple of months ago, i asked "is 2012 the year?" the Lord
via the "lot" (coin) said yes. Then just lately, I decided to ask
about the month, since alot of my internet friends have been saying
Rosh Hoshanah is it! So, I prayed and cast the lot, (flipped the
coin), heads was this or tails was that - it came up showing September
was not the rapture month. Again I asked October, same process - came
up not October. Then I knew it had to be November or December, since
the rapture would be in 2012. So again I prayed, asked about November
- that time God thru the coin flip showed November is the month! Then
later I began thinking about Damascus (Isaiah 17) I've believed for
many years that Isaiah 17 would be fulfilled first, right before the
rapture, so I prayed and asked the Lord when - September is the month
for that!

So, there you have it, I've done as the Lord asked me to do about
this. It was just today, my heart was pricked, that I should maybe
share this info with my brother's and sister's in Christ. I really was
reluctant to do so, cause most would think it so foolish, but I was
willing if the Lord wanted me to. I prayed and flipped a coin - tails
I would share the info, heads I would keep it to myself - it came up
tails. So I started writing this. Later that day, I was having second
thoughts - so many will think i'm nuts or something, but i was still
willing to if the Lord willed. So, again I prayed, this time heads
would show the Lord still wanted me to share this info, tails I did
not have to - guess what - came up heads this time! The Lord still
wanted me to share! So here is my story.  

 In Judges 6, Gideon sought the Lord if God would save Israel by his
hand. In Acts 1 they cast lots to decide who of two men would replace
Judas as an apostle. I'm not Gideon, I'm not an Apostle, but I'm a
Christian, that reads the Word, believes what God says, then by faith
I do things. Proverbs 16:33 is one. I've proved this over the years in
various circumstances, God has never led me wrong! For instance, one
night with the kids, it was a Friday, movie night at our house, family
night for me and the kids - my wife goes out shopping or something to
get some mommy time, and me and the kids watch a movie or do something
fun, so anyway, my son wanted to watch a certain movie and my daughter
wanted to watch something else, of course! The movie my son wanted to
watch was a good guy movie, but not so family friendly, like the movie
my daughter wanted to watch. But I told them, to cease any contention
we could pray, ask God which one to watch, then flip a coin, they all
agreed. We flipped the coin - heads or tails I can't remember, but I
know it pointed to my daughers movie, that it was the best to watch.
My son, was still not on board with that idea. I told him God showed
us, but for my son's sake I would flip it again to show him it wasn't
just chance. So I flipped the coin again - same result! My son still
said it was just chance! So, I told him I'd flip it one more time, to
show him God was in charge of the results of the coin flip! The third
time - same result! After that he just shook his head - unbelievable,
he then understood Proverbs 16:33, as I do.

What I found weird about 2012, the last few months is it finally
dawned on me, I assume by the hand of the Lord, why now was I asking
Him about the year, month for the rapture? Like I said 30 some years
it never crossed my mind to flip a coin about the timing of the
rapture. Maybe the time is so close the Lord wants to reveal it to
those watching, I don't know! We will soon know if the Lord has truly
showed me what is soon to take place, since September is here now and
Isaiah 17 must be fulfilled according to the casting of lots or as I
understand it "flipping a coin".

YBIC, John...