Gino (29 Sep 2012)
"RE: Josua: FiveDoves: 09.28.12: Isaiah cross references"

	Those cross-references were found by study and by comparing scripture with scripture. They did not come from a website or a commentary. Perhaps there are some works that are out there, but I haven't looked for them. I was encouraged to study these out by a friend of mine, Beryl, who posted on FiveDoves once. A number of years back he spoke of how the books of the word of God line up with the chapters of Isaiah. I believe that the pastor he had, Mark M., had done the full study, and Beryl encouraged me to study it out for myself. When I study the chapters again, where I did not write down any cross-references, I can mark the cross-refernces down, and let you know.
		The LORD Jesus bless you,