Gerry Almond (22 Sep 2012)
"Some Irrefutable Proofs of the Nearness of the Rapture and the Lateness of the Times"

There are several irrefutable proofs, in my opinion, that lead us directly to the coming of Jesus Christ.  But, the Israeli experience given in the first paragraph below clearly says that Apr 11/12, 2012 was the middle of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy.  We are now, obviously in an overlay which will cause the days to be shortened, as recorded in the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  I have written several times giving the proof of this time line for Israel.  She is God’s time clock and those that do not pay attention to this are bringing hard times on their own heads.  So, in a nutshell, there remains after April 11, 2012, only 1,335 days until the Kingdom Age starts.  That is Dec 7/8, 2015,   Now let’s go back to the first sentence, the proofs.

Some of these proofs for the coming of Jesus Christ for His Bride are:

1.  The exact overlay of the days of Noah on the modern Israeli experience.  That is 120 years times 360 days per year equaling 43,200 days.  If that exact number of days were found in modern times, relative to God’s time clock, Israel, then it would be of astronomical odds against it being coincidental.  No, it would be impossible!  
Beginning with the first Zionist Congress in 1897, and counting to the Feast of Atonement 2015, plus the 75 additional days of Daniel 12, is exactly 43,200 days.  That is, 8/29/1897 through 12/7/2015.  It cannot be coincidental because after 1,827 years, God began to re-gather His dispersed ancient people to Palestine secured through what would later be called the Balfour Declaration, just as He said He would.  The nation was formally formed and named on May 14, 1948 by the United Nations.  I could write a book on this, but take my word for it, it is an exact overlay and the odds of it being coincidental is DNA level count.  It proves beyond doubt the 2008-2015 time line we are watching.

2.  The approach of Nibiru.  It is out there, no matter what cover-ups and disinformation is given.  It is disturbing our earth with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc.  It is playing havoc with the magnetisphere and is now causing auroras (northern lights) at times when there is no solar activity to cause it.  The orb  is being seen in Antarctica, but is not being reported by media, evidently to stave off mass panic.  Multitudes of underground “cities” have been built for the elite to escape the passage of this body through our solar system.  It is repelling our magnetic south pole as it comes nearer and may ultimately cause a pole shift.  This will be massive destruction, such as described in the Revelation of Jesus Christ in chapter 6:12ff.  It is not hard to imagine how the plagues and horrible things of Revelation could be accomplished with a pole shift, even a partial one, caused by the passage of a large heavenly body.  The rapture of the Church is God’s answer to those of His worthy children on the earth.  

3.  The approaching inevitable Psalm 83 war between Israel and her belligerent neighbors, Iran and Syria.  Damascus is soon to become an ash heap and WW3 will continue to bring in the war between East and West described as the Gog/Magog war of Ezekiel 38 and 39.  Vladimir Putin, a hard liner, has taken over Russia.  He is probably the Gog of Ezekiel 38 and 39, which describes his part in the invasion of Israel.  It may be and probably is, nuclear. See for great instruction about this entire subject.  Brother Ron Reese has much material that should convince any skeptic of the conspiratorial attitude of many elite people in our world today.

4.  The rapid identification of “mystery Babylon” being perhaps none other than the United States of America, I believe.  This nation may be suddenly destroyed by earthquakes and tsunamis on both coasts, the west coast and the east coast.  I refer to letters 142 and 143 of the I AM COMING series published by Sabrina of Belgium and posted on 5 doves.  If these quakes occur as the letters indicate, in order to finish her off, Russia, may send missiles over the north pole or out of the ocean or Gulf of Mexico, coming as a sneak attack.  I believe that this country has earned destruction by its overwhelming rejection (politically and morally) of every thing that God stands for.  Jesus Christ will take his chosen, and then, it will come.  Just as He did with Sodom, so it may occur with this country FOR MOSTLY THE SAME REASONS.

5.  The imminent possible resignation of the Pope.  If so, it paves the way for Petrus Romanus, i. e. Peter the Roman.  He, I think, is the false prophet that backs up the antichrist and causes all, small and great, to be marked for both power and economically motivated reasons.  He is on the scene now just waiting in the wings, I believe.  The antichrist is already identified but has yet to receive his power from the dragon of Revelation 12.  He rises first thing in Revelation chapter 13.  

6.  The fullness of the Islamic nations.  They have risen as the scriptures prophesied, these sons of Ishmael, the firstborn (not of Sarai, but Hagar, Sarai’s handmaid) of Abraham.  They are said to be fierce and that they would dwell in the presence of their half brother Israel AS WILD MEN.  Their hand would be against every man, and every man’s hand would be against them, said the Bible.  This certainly describes this head-lopping wild and dangerous people does it not?  The rider on the pale horse is about to have a hey-day.

7.  Right on Rosh Hashana 2012, the blue planet was spotted by the daughter of a 5 doves poster.  It was quite accidental but it clearly shows as a blue planet in the rainbow ring of the sun.  It is not a hoax, nor is it a lens flare.  It is real.  I believe it will closely approach earth by Dec 21, 2012 and is the Mayan and Hopi body known as Blue Kachina.  We call it Nibiru and it is the leader planet in an entire solar system which is a binary twin to our sun.  The dark star will come later, 2014 or 2015.  

8. There are so many visions and dreams now that it defies counting.  You can read or hear about them in print and on you tube if you wish.  Some are insignificant, but not all.  It seems that God Almighty is doing everything in every way to alert us to His Son’s soon return.  

9.  Israel is on the very brink of war with her neighbors.  She is determined to stop the nuclear threat to her very existence coming from Iran, which is ancient Persia.  Her neighbor has coalesced with a number of nations around her to offset any attack by Israel.  But, beloved, God is for Israel, not them.  Pray for Israel.  She must fact the seed of the wild half brother of Abraham.  And Iran is fanatical in her desire to provoke Israel to war in order to, they believe, bring in the 12th Imam.

10.  The United States is fast abandoning Israel in this matter.  God is not blind to this happening.  I am afraid that the U. S. will pay dearly for its desertion of the only democracy in the entire middle east.  

And there is more, much more, but you get the idea.  Time is up for the Christian Church of Jesus Christ.  It is time for the Kingdom Age to come, and God is preparing the way now, with the approach of the destroying solar system’s dark star  to change earth back into its original pristine condition in preparation for the Kingdom Age.  This flyby will also punish the inhabitants of the earth with overwhelming misery and destruction, as seen in the trumpet judgments and the bowl judgments, “for they are worthy”.  It will pave the way for Israel to finally believe and to be restored as the chosen of God, just as Paul said in Romans 10.  Time is up!!  

Now to the conclusion of the matter:
The rapture will arrive in its time.  It is nearer than when we first talked about it, and it is much nearer than many today want to believe.  So many, so many are not ready for this momentous event that may literally destroy our country, the U. S. A.  So many just think tomorrow will be like today as the sun comes up and the sun doges down, on and on, world without end.  We know that is not to be the case.  One day cars will crash, planes will fall from the sky, pilotless, many will disappear, police will be decimated, the army will shrink by missing soldiers, and churches will deplete.  Pandemonium will reign supreme.  The rapture will have occurred!  Instantly countries with nurlear missiles will either be tempted to reign fire on the nation, or will already have sent missiles and bombs to do so, and  Babylon will burn up.  What a scene, what a tragedy and what horror awaits this Christ-rejecting world.  It is very near now.

Turn to Christ, accept Him as both Lord and Savior, put your life in His hands, and be saved, all ye ends of the earth.  For He cometh, He cometh, He cometh!  The saints shout “Hallelujah”!!


Gerry Almond