Frank R Molver (6 Sep 2012)
"quake and economic collapse, prophetic sketches"

This all seems to be happening very fast
a quake
an economic collapse
time to head for the hills
September 4, 2012/
I prayed for many and told God that i felt unpeaceful about the previous vision,God continued to show the fallen banknote with a explosion on the Wall Street.
September 5, 2012/
I prayed for almost the same and God's soon return,God showed
September 4, 2012/
After seeing the vision,I asked God for protection and His soon coming, this vision appeared before my prayer. God showed a hill looked like a cap with a window on it floating in the air,my friend and i were running up to the golden light on the top,a bright light was shining upon that.I guess it means that we read His words and seek Him everyday.