Frank Molver (5 Sep 2012)
"Go to higher ground, image, sketchesGo to higher ground, image, sketches"

After reading and listening to these I thought I would share the images below
Ryan warning of going to higher ground soon in Australia
John Moore stating that when the banks fail it's time to go to higher ground, including the military
So to we should go to higher ground, but in a spiritual way
25 August 2012/
I prayed for the scripture,God showed someone in white robe entering God's temple.


30 June 2012/
I prayed for the same,God showed that we were walking on a suspension bridge between two hills,destination was that castle with cross.



26 April 2012/
Linked these two visions together,it looked like a complete picture.God showed again and again the spaceships were the transport vehicle for going heavenly home.