Frank R Molver (4 Sep 2012)
"7 weeks left of internet?"

If indeed these things happen on the 3rd week of October it could mean only 7 weeks left of internet.
Some pretty heavy stuff has been shared here recently from all over the world
I think it is from God and he wants us to prepare
What will we do without the internet?
We must each be able to hear from God.
This is very serious
Prepare yourself a safe haven, in the heart and for your family
September 2, 2012/
I prayed for some others else who were in their hard times and asked God for His soon return,but this vision seemed not to be related my prayer,God showed a fruitful tree with a tree house church on the top,and under this tree there was a grave that a dead lying there and a cross floating above his head.I think this dead man is Paul,even though he have died for long,he still bears fruits and builts up church until now.
September 1, 2012/
I prayed for the same,God showed a church being on a floating rock, many white light dots coming down from a arrow board with "381" on it to the church.