Frank R Molver (29 Sep 2012)
"allmost there, prophetic sketches"

The day is dawning
a new day during a time of darkness
24 September, 2012/
I prayed for the same,and hoped that more lost souls can be saved at this very final time.God showed a very bright rainbow white light shinning upon a hill that had three flags on it.
Reach for God's promise
25 September 2012/
I still thanked God and asked for His blessing to everyone,God showed His Hand waving and then a rainbow appeared.
No going backwards
25 September 2012/
I prayed for the same and told God that we should not commit sin again,God showed a old temple that was made of jade with blood on it,no one entering it anymore.
Us ladybugs are allmost there
26 September 2012/
I told God we should care many those who was unsaved,they were our friends the members of our family.God showed a wooden cross growing a flower on the top,and a ladybug was almost there.
Let your writing come from Christ


23 September, 2012/
I told God,I am suffering for someone who always curses.God showed a pen with three changing colors,red represented Christ's salvation,blue represented human's life,black represented sin,and with words,"Colour of life.Changing every moment."God reminded that we have to choose the red (Christ's salvation) to write
Let the Holy Spirit guide your understanding
22 September, 2012/
I was told, all God spoke were kept in Bible,we know God by that but not by vision.Then in my prayer I told God,that is kind of like the Jews keeping the law of Moses instead of believing in Jesus.This vision was shown before I prayed: God showed two people trying hard to look into the water on the surface,and with a question,"Do you see clearly?" This meaning my friend received from God can tell for certain:"Many of us cannot understand Bible completely just like those ones trying to look into the water."
Soon we will cross the water
22 September, 2012/
I still thanked God,God showed Moses leading the people crossing the red sea,a dove carrying a Olive branch flying above. Time is up!