Daniel Matson (17 Sep 2012)
"Fishers of Men"

Feast of Trumpets - September 17, 2012 – Daniel Matson
Jesus began his public ministry and selected twelve disciples. He first selected the fishermen, Peter and Andrew, and told them he would make them “fishers of men”. Then Christ selected two more fishermen, the sons of thunder, James and John. They all dropped their nets and followed Christ to become his disciples. In all there would be thirteen, including Jesus, who began the ministry to teach and spread the good news.
Jesus then ministered for three and a half years, went to the Cross, and then was raised from the dead.
At the close of being on earth, Jesus then appeared on the shores of Lake Galilee to seven of his disciples, who have caught no fish in the night. However, Jesus has them throw their net on the other side of the boat and they catch the 153 fish (John 21).  Jesus will soon be leaving and now it is time for the disciples to be the leaders in catching “the fish”. In the end there are now those who are still catching “the fish” until the day Jesus returns at the end of this age to gather the nets.
Here we have previously focused on the peculiar number of 153. In the last article concerning 153, it was found that the time from the surrender of the Temple Mount on June 17, 1967 until the Feast of Trumpets 2017, that the span of time equals 153 periods of 120 days. Likewise, it will also be 153 periods of 120 days from Israel gaining the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967 until September 11, 2017. September 11, 2017 will also be 153 days after Firstfruits/Easter for that year and the Feast of Trumpets 2017 will be 120 days after Ascension Day for that year. These are all interesting aspects reserved for 2017. However, there may be another aspect to the year 2017 concerning the number 153.
Jesus began his ministry in AD 28 and therefore began his efforts in fishing for men. After his time on earth, the twelve disciples become the twelve apostles and were sent to spread the gospel. The apostles trained others and those others have passed this understanding down to us this very day. In this age of the Church, it was also known as the age of the fish. Fishing season is still open and  the final net has not been drawn. That drawing will be at the Rapture of the Church, which is the resurrection of the dead and living saints who have been saved since that time.
Since the number 153 seems to be a divisor from 1967 until 2017 by day counts, on a hunch the search began for the same from Christ’s ministry until the end of this age. After all, this was the present age of fishing for men. As it would turn out, from AD 28 until 2017 is 1989 years, which is exactly 13 times 153 years. At such a large increment, it is probably not a coincidence that there is such a direct hit. But not only does 2017 hit the increment of 153 years from AD 28, it hits it at 13 increments, just like the number of disciples plus Jesus in the beginning.
This is, of course, speculation based on numbers and not the direct interpretation of Scripture. However, these are not random numbers with no room for manipulation. The odds were against intervals of 153 years falling on 2017, but it does work from AD 28. As one of Jesus’ last and most mysterious miracles, this would seem to support the theme of fishing for men until the time of the harvest of fish. We shall see if the Feast of Trumpets 2017 is the time of that harvest...