Coulby Dunn (29 Sep 2012)
"Dream of the Churches Rejecting Men of God and Embracing Antichrist - Sept 27, 2012"


Dream of the Churches Rejecting Men of God and Embracing Antichrist - Sept 27, 2012

I found myself in a large, evangelical church with a capacity of about one thousand people.  The church was mostly filled up.

Barack Obama was the guest of honor and he was speaking to the church.  In the dream, I remember how the people, in him speaking to them, were mesmerized by his every word, and were soaking it all up.

Now, I remember that, earlier in the dream, on the way to this church, I was at a very busy intersection and, attached and hanging down from the stoplights, were small cards with a red circle on them and they said ""  I asked someone in the vehicle, "Who does things like this?"  The answer was:  "Obviously someone who loves freedom."

Going back to the original story - everybody at the church was literally worshiping Obama.  Then, Obama began choosing people in the audience to hear their opinion on a particular topic.  Seeing me as one of his enemies (I stand for truth and freedom, unlike him), he chooses to pass the microphone to me (remember, I am humble and meek, compared to Obama).

The first thing I said was, "First, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..."  Then, the angry outbursts and booing began and I rebuked them for their coldness.  Then, I sat down.  End of dream.

Lesson to be learned:  Even the churches will embrace the antichrist and his system.

I send much love to all my brothers and sisters in the Lord!