Charles (29 Sep 2012)
"So many posts point to the truth"


I have not posted much because really what more is there to say! The rapture is imminent most likely the feast of tabernacles or shortly after. The reason I am posting this is simply to acknowledge the truth and hope I bear author fruit!

Ready for the truth! This life was never about you or me or mankind! It was about God creating a creation where in the end times He would gather unto himself both in heavan and earth all that was in Christ a peculiar people unto himself zealous of good works and rightousness!

That is it! The fact is God created the Heavans and Earth He knew the end from the beginning! The fact is he tested the angels true loyalty to Him. Picture a great King freely giving great honor and glory to all His subjects. Is not His greatest desire for those subjects to truly give Him the honor, respect, and obedience he deserves since he created them and everything in his kingdom. Welll in testing that 1/3 failed! The test he created man in His image although much lower in estate simply like if we created jars of clay images of ourselves and somehow breathed our spirit of life into them! He then told the angels that ruled planets and regions of space and dimensions go serve them and they they will judge you! Well one third said no and two thirds said no problem how high should we jump! Well God had his answer in truth He already knew who was giving lip service and real love! He just created a way to prove it on legal grounds!

So the 1/3 when told their punishment was eternal banishment did what God knew they would came to man and sought to take Gods greatest creation away from Him. Except God gave man a second chance first by through the law showing man and all that by their own efforts they could not stand then providing a pardon from prison their hopeless state Jesus Christ! Knowing His. Bozeman would reject Him seeking justification by their works so they could boast salvation came to the Gentiles!

The bible is Gods word to wrend the heart not our physical clothes. It is designed to convict us of sin, to humble us of our pride, to cause us to surrender to the will of God and follow his example of rightousness home!

The fallen angels have since the fall corrupted everything to make people have pride in their works how many school mottos have pride in them! We are taught to value our works and to dismiss the spiritual quest to walk with Jesus!

Seriously astronomy became astrology, total deoendance on God became gambeling, modest humility and inner beauty became makeup and jewelry and outwardly dressing up a spiritually dead inner self! Vanity and fashion are young girls kryptonite that's a song! Godless chatter on TV and radio filled people's heads with what was reality not the holy spirit. I could go on but you get it!

To numb ourselves that we are working in a matrix and everything we do creates interests and profit off our efforts we entertain ourselves with tv sports acohol fill in the blank and avoid Gods word! We if we have one for most let the pastor tell us what's in the bible from a non profit government corporation paid for pulpit!

The holy spirit is screaming wake up as we drink the tap water flourided medicated koolaid and dismiss the whisper to a scream! For those who God planted a seed in that something was off our whole life we tried to flee the world the worlds way then fleed from dead vain tradition of worship finally picking up the bible seeing what the truth was for ourselves and simply embraced the truth more then we loved the lie and God dragged us out of the vanity! Yes we are still stuck here we just know the world is beachfront property in Arizona! The hardship is everyone around us still thinks they just have to walk a little farther in the sand and they will get to the water!

I am yoked into traveling next week and saw Jim's warning even texted my wife she will probably yell at me and dismiss it! Truly I am totally dependant on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He's gone to prepare a place for those who Love Him and would rather be there!

Honestly theres no whete to go here alone I am still stuck in my pitiful flesh! I try to walk in the spirit not the decay! To many have swallowed the koolaid of this life and walk in religion not faith! Wake up there is no beach here!

Stop living for here and now look up Jesus is coming! We have to be in the world come out of it cry abba Father as a prodigal son I cry take me home! Please come with me if Jesus is knocking answer!