Charles (15 Sep 2012)
"It's all flowers and puppies as we are on the brink"


The stock market had its highest close up 9.99% gee! Other Christians on laid back watching sites are now getting amazed at what we have been the world birth pains have got to the point of notice and their friends on the social sites, coworkers, family, will not even discuss what is going on to the point of being willfully ignorant! They are simply not able to handle the truth of the soon return of Jesus and that the signs in the bible are evident! They are talking parties and puppies and baseball and football on social sites and reality tv! Try to talk to them about Lybia or the ME or Israel or anything not even the bible and they simply are unaware of anything! I texted my wife several comments from another site about how awake chtistuans watching are catching on to how late the hour is and how amazed that everyone around them is totally willfully not talking about any of it! Its like they think if they ignore it it will just go away and it's not happening here so who cares! I care I try to warn I pray for the peace of Jerusalem! I cannot believe the level of willful ignorance its like the matrix they truly have no clue about their reality of existence and since they all support each other in the vanity of this world tv, shopping, fixing their house up, activities they cannot come out of their wisdom because to do so to admit they are entirely helpless except for Jesus mercy and their life here the works of their hands will profit nothing they would have to stop talking about reality tv, stop planning their barns and stop taking pride in their life and humble themselves and get on their knees and admit they need the Lord and savior that their only hope is the rapture! But that will not happen for most they will continue to go on mistakenly thinking where is the promise of His coming and that life will go on that us watching and trying to warn them are the foolish ones missing out on all that going along with the politically correct flow seems to provide. But in one hour in one day the moment the watchers are suddenly no longer there then they will realize hopefully how wrong they were to simply dismiss us warning. Or maybe the truth will still be to much and they will step up to purchase the next ore packaged delusion explaining our soon departure! The sad part is more non Christians are seeing the signs know something is up and are searching for truth while the majority of the church thinks it is well off and needs nothing and has no command to watch that the rapture is false, that we are the kingdom here, that to be heavenly minded is to be useless here well I have some oceanfront property in Arizona they would buy (not really) I am just totally amazed it's I see nothing I hear nothing and everything is ok hey the stock market is up right! Look up if it's not this Rosh Hoshanna I cannot imagine another year of birh pains! The worst is being awake and having everyone around you be asleep and profess to be awake yet see nothing amiss and none of the signs even phase them! I don't want to say this but I feel I've run out of ways to warn I have blown the alarm until I have no breath yet and I am now just praying humbly I am found watching and waiting and fly! I am just amazed beyond words how strong the scales are on most eyes they simply can't acknowledge we may be right that this is exactly what it seems so they totally dismiss anything on the news that goes against that perception! I just want to step far away so when reality drops on them I am not crushed but can fly away! I have chirped in the coal mine! I just want to get them to listen but really your either awake and praying for a savior right now going about your day because your still here or you have no idea what time it is and tv is reality! To quote U2 when fact is fiction and tv reality we eat and drink today while tommorow they die! Look up your redemption draws near! I pray those who are watching and longing to escape the wrath coming and are longing for the rapture will be taken! It seems except for the few people on the several christan sites and those following the news on them no one is aware! I am now convinced fewer then several thousand are actually warning and several hundred thousand truly aware in this country what time it is! I believe several million are awakening just now that's still one in a hundred with any clue the rapture is about to occur! Jesus is the way the truth and the light no man may come to the father except through Him! Jesus said all who come to Him he will in no way cast out the thing is that requires your realizing He's the only thing of real value the pearl of great price you need!