Barry Amundsen (29 Sep 2012)
"Ted Porter and Shepherds and Dances With Wolves"

Ted Porter,
I find this interesting that you would choose the two examples that you did and I'll explain why below but here is what you said:
My own name of "porter" needs no translation as it has a meaning in English outside of being just a name. Sort of like having the last name of "shepherd" or "Dances with Wolves". :)
So, how did you happen to say "shepherd" and "Dances with Wolves"? Many years ago God showed me a very interesting thing about that movie and it has to do with sheep and shepherds so I find it interesting that you put those right together like you did. It also has to do with your subject in general which is the "Bride theft" or our rapture and the separation that takes place when it happens.
God showed me that messages are often hidden in the themes of movies as a subtle programing mechanism that goes into the subconscious and right unnoticed unless it is pointed out to the conscious mind, which I will do now. First let me point out that the movie "Dances With Wolves" is linked through this subliminal thing with another movie which came out many years earlier called "Apocalypse Now". I could describe both movies' plots in general terms using exactly the same words as follows:
A military officer is stationed in a remote location and becomes friendly with the natives of that area and slowly switches his loyalty away from his own command center and must be considered "renegade" and an enemy by his own commanders and dealt with accordingly.
That is the basic premise of both movies although told from two different perspectives, are you with me? Well, the subliminal message that goes into the viewing audience is this: In the first movie, we are watching the story from the perspective of the US military having to go after this renegade officer and "terminate the Colonel's command with extreme prejudice" or whatever it was, meaning they send a secret agent in to kill him. We, as the viewing audience are in complete sympathy with the side of the US military, correct? But not so in the second movie where our loyalty as a viewing audience is completely reversed to the side of the military officer and against the US military, who are now seen as the "bad guys". What is the meaning of all of this? Well it's right in the names of the two movies: When the Apocalypse is Now, will the SHEEP that Jesus stationed in a remote location far from the heavenly home base, here on earth while He is in heaven, will those sheep remain loyal to the command center that is far away, Jesus in heaven? Or will the SHEEP that have been sent out among the WOLVES be Dancing With the Wolves when Jesus comes and the Apocalypse is Now?
The subtle subliminal message in the second movie is that bad is now good and good is now bad, so it is "good" to be friendly with the wolves and not loyal to the "evil" commander who is just going to cause harm and destruction of our "good" dancing with nice wolves. Many Christian "sheep" (and shepherds) have made friends with this world and are dancing with the wolves that Jesus sent us out among but never intended us to become friendly with. Friendship with the world is enmity with God.
By the way, Ted, I assume your full first name is Theodore? Which sounds to me like it also could be looked at like Theo (of God) and "door" thereby linking both your first name and last name to that of a person at the doorway to God...? I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.