Tracy Coltellino (28 Sep 2011)

For all those who have had recurring 11:11 sightings...thot I would let you know something.  I purchased a book at barnes and nobles recentl guessed it!  11:11 is about spiritual entities (They are refering to ascended masters, but they say that ALL spiritual beings use this technique in interaction with us.  Does that include God and angels on His side?  They say it does).  The numbers are used as a type of 'spiritual herald' if you blowing a trumpet or shouting 'hey you-pay attention'  and usually happens repeatedly for an alloted time before a message is sent, or something unusual for our three dimensional world begins to happen.  In addition, I have thumbed thru different copies of a monthly periodical that B&N also carries, called 11:11 (what else).  It is all about how to prepare for becoming ascended masters ourselves, about how to 'raise our vibrational frequency' with mother earths, so that we will not 'have to be removed from the planet to an alternate location'.  Aparently, a great 'evacuation' is about to occur in the twinkling of an eye (their words!)  to remove people (and all small children who are too young to make the choice) because we are holding the rest of the world back.  Once we are gone, their 'ascention' can begin!  It is worth noting that they are always vague about WHERE we will be sent....just away from here is good enough for them.  It seems we are 'gumming up the works' as my grandpa used to say!